Where parents go when their kids go to their first dance

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Oct 13, 2012.

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    difficult child decided to go to Homecoming dance with a guy friend, since his girlfriend was grounded. He still has no phone service, but he did pull weeds today, and finish his science paper. husband and I told him he has to go for 3 days straight with-o arguing or defiance before he can get phone service back.

    So I picked up his friend, B, who was wearing a nice suit, and brought them to our house, made gluten free pancakes and bacon for dinner, and difficult child put on his ROTC uniform. They were 5 min. early for the dance. There were four cars in front of me, and we all left the same way, traveled down the same street, to the same main boulevard, and all drove to the grocery store!

    Now I'm making cookies and thinking that difficult child looks so grown up in that uniform!

    His girlfriend's mom texted me and said that her daughter is ungrounded and is free to invite difficult child to carve a pumpkin at their house tomorrow.

    We have gained back control of our kids and our schedules ... for the moment.

    I hope difficult child's girlfriend doesn't mind that he went to the dance to hang out with-o her. That's their problem.

    Cookies are ready! Wonder what the other parents got at the store? :)
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    Well Jamie's first dance was in 5th grade and I spent most of the time in the parking lot with lots of other parents trying to peak into the windows trying to see the kids...lol
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    I was one of the chaperones. Daughter was furious at me.
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    difficult child was out the door at EXACTLY 10:00. Woo hoo! The dance ended at 11 but we told him that he had to be out by 10 no matter what.

    His friend, B, was not with-him. Uh-oh.
    B was dancing with-a girl and did not want to leave. Supposedly he was going to call his mom to pick him up. Not easy, since he left his cell phone on the bus. I neglected to get the parents' ph # when I picked him up, so I stopped by at 10:10 and rang the doorbell. Awkward. Yep.
    I thought they'd freak and wonder why I was there with-o their son, but apparently he called from someone else's phone moments before I got there.
    I gave them a container of homemade cookies. I thought the boys would be hungry in the car, but it didn't work out that way.
    They acted like it was normal for a mom to show up at the door at 10:10 p.m. with-o their son but offering cookies.
    Whatever ...
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    Ah yes, the what to do when your kid has an activity. My son's first dance was a lock in. I spent the night in the parking lot. I had my blanket and my pillow. There were other mothers that thought the same way. I met a lot of great women that night. We wound up having pizza delivered and had our own party.
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    Pasajes, it wouldn't occur to me to sleep in the pkng lot, although it is a good way to meet other parents. I'll have to give that some thought, because I know it will happen sooner or later.