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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by llamafarm, May 9, 2012.

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    Had some crazy times in the past couple of weeks. On Sunday two weeks ago had to call police at 7:30am to have difficult child taken to hospital. He was having an aggressive fit over having to leave for church at 7:45. He escalated so quickly. DDD and I locked ourselves in our rooms while I made a non-911 call to the police. He was screaming in the background while I made the call. Police came quickly. difficult child went with them without incident. He was admitted for evaluation. There were three days of break from him as he stayed to be evaluated. The rest of the family was able to relax a bit with him gone. He behaved wonderfully for them. As we all knew he would. No new diagnosis. No medication. change. No surprise. He came home and is the same.

    A day later husband went to the doctor for an ear problem and came out with referrals for his mental health. He can't deal with difficult child and the rest of his own life. Recently was not rehired for a job, and is currently feeling like a failure. So he is my difficult child#2 right now.

    Really not much fun. I feel so bad for my ddd. She goes through it all with me. She is an amazing girl who needs a normal life!
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    Oh, dear, I am so sorry.
    I guess you have to tell difficult child that he's got to get ready for church at 6 a.m. and help him with-one item of clothing every 15 min. Or, go to a later svc.
    I hope they do a thorough medication wash and find something that works for him. Glad you got a break! It's worth all the paperwork. :)
    Sooo sorry about husband. He can go to therapy and get on medications and learn to detach. I'm so sorry that this is beating him down. He is a good, solid person and just needs to know that he cannot and will not be beaten down. Easier said than done, for sure.
    Please know that we are thinking about you and that you need to take care of yourself.
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    THanks Terry. Yes you are right with preparing difficult child. Honestly telling him earlier on that day would have only led to police earlier! Usually the earlier the service the better, it is like we can slip it in before his brain starts arguing, and the day goes better. Just not that sunday!
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    It does not sound like it was a good day. It drives me crazy when they behave like little (or not so little) angels in front of of the people who really need to see what is going on. I hope that you able to get him some help.
  5. Sorry you had to call the police on difficult child - that is so hard to do as a parent. It's a horrible feeling to know that him being away for evaluation is a break and relaxation time for you and daughter.

    Hopefully husband will be able to get some counselling. It is so hard to deal with difficult child's all the time. And I see from your signature that it is all the time.

    I have to say my husband tells me that the worst thing about this is the way difficult child treats me, not him. It really hurts him to hear the things difficult child says to me. It's probably very hard for your husband too.
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    If he's always an angel when he's "in", maybe you need to start videotaping the home situation so the experts can see the other half?