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    easy child/difficult child graduated from high school tonight!!! She still has 1 credit of summer school and will be completely done!!!!

    She is still not sure what she plans to do but is taking the semester off and looking for work.

    It was a very cool graduation. There were 35 graduates (small alternative school) and different teachers would get up and speak about a student and then the graduate would speak.

    One of her teachers showed me a poem easy child/difficult child had written. It had his tear stains on it. Apparently a bunch of facilitators from the coming of age weekend also cried. He had it read in class and the entire class cried. I read it and cried (I'm going to try and type it on here at some point-it was amazing). I was very proud of her!

    difficult child also graduated tonight (from 8th grade). My niece and her husband took him. husband had asked if the high school could have easy child/difficult child go first so he could then head to difficult child's graduation. He got to see both. I stayed with easy child/difficult child:)

    There were moments when we didn't think difficult child/easy child would graduated, thus the whew!
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    Congratulations to both of them. Great job difficult child/easy child, difficult child and mom!
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    Way To Go!
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    What a relief!
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    congrats to both!!!!!!!!!

    now relax, at least til sept!
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    Congratulations on both of your milestones!