Which do I apply for?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nvts, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Hi! We have our 3 kids,

    difficult child 1 - Aspergers, ODD, ADHD & Anxiety, being tested for read/write disabilities - age 9

    difficult child 2 - Aspergers, Speech delay - Age 7

    difficult child 3 - ADHD, behavioral issues - Age 6

    Which would I apply for? SSI or SSI Disability? I have been advised to stay available throughout the day for their psychological well being by their therapists and $$'s are getting tight! I was trying not to apply (there are so many more people in this world that are dealing with so much more!)but desperation has set in!

    Approx. how long does it take?


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    I'm not positive, but my experience is this:

    SSDI: this can only apply if the applying person has 40 consecutive quarters of income/payments to Social Security

    Because I am a stay at home mom, I'm not eligible.

    SSI: person must have under $700/month income and only certain level of resources

    Because husband has SSDI and it's over $700/month, I can not get anything, nor a disability determination.

    BUT: because husband has SSDI, and DS and I received family benefits under that, we are trying to get DS's disability determination in order to continue his benefits, or more precisely, both his and my benefits. Mine were cut off when he turned 16. Mine would be reinstated as a caretaker for a disabled person, ie. DS. But I will never have any of my own, as long as husband has SSDI.

    Pam R.