Which stimulant? and anyone ever try Inderal (propranolol?)

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    We saw the psychiatric this past Tuesday. It didnt take much observation to see how impulsive, hyper, inattentive, unfocused, non compliant, defying authority, difficult child is. I told the psychiatric that difficult child is like that all the time and throw in some aggressive meltdowns and explosions every now and again for good measure. Our hospital records have previous neuropsychologist assessments and a psychiatry assessment over the last few years that document the same kind of behaviour, so this isn't new, it's just gotten worse.

    The neuro has agreed to wean the gabapentin as it may be exaserbating the behaviour and aggression. We are doing this slowly. He then wants to reassess the behaviour.

    If nothing has changed with the gabapentin gone, he will likely prescribe Inderal to help with the aggression and anxiety. They are also willing to try her on a stimulant. They mentioned Strattera briefly (which I know is not a stimulant).

    Anyone have any experience with Inderal (propronalol)?

    And which ADHD medications worked well for your child?
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    Inderal is a beta blocker antihypertensive (blood pressure medicine) also used off label to treat anxiety, most notably stage fright. Considering that two other antihypertensives -- Tenex and Clonidine -- are used to treat ADHD but they aren't used to treat anxiety, maybe it will work.
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    My 8 year old difficult child is on concerta which has worked very well for him with the exception of a few mild mood swings. (sadness) but as far as school it has helped ALOT!! He started on Metadate which helped some but didn't last long enough. Now my 3 year old difficult child hasn't been diagnosis as ADHD but is on Clonidine for behavior/mood disorder thus far has done NOTHING. When he first started it helped him sleep better but after a few weeks it didn't have any affect on him as far as mood/behavior. I have not heard nor tried Inderal so I can't help you there but I thought I would share these 2 medications anyways. Good luck!!
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    My son has been taking Propranolol for 5 years as a migraine preventive. It works really well for migraines, but has not touched his behavior issues in the slightest. As you can see from my sig line, he is taking three medications for bipolar disorder in addition to Propranolol.
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    Keep in mind that most antihypertensives list depression as a side effect. That includes beta blockers and propranolol.
  6. smallworld

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    Yes, our psychiatrist and neuro have both mentioned depression as a side effect for my son. But they actually think other medications were the trigger for his mixed episodes of depression and mania.
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    Thanks everyone.

    Anyone else with stimulant experience to share?
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    I personally took Inderal as a Migraine medicine. I didn't do squat for the headaches, just made me really tired. No other side effects.