Who could think of this stuff?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Kolleen, Feb 24, 2009.

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    1. Sonnyboy called me while I was driving home last night to ask me to do his taxes again for him. Whining that he doesn't have any gas money (fired 3 wks ago). NO!! was my response. We hung up.
    He called back to say he'll come over and if he runs out of gas it's light enough he can walk the rest of the way. Always the Drama King!!!

    He came over. Had to call IRS to get correct info. Was successful this time in filing. Hooray!!

    2. Sonnyboy went to the courthouse yesterday, talked to an atty about his citations for driving without insurance & with-o license due to those unpaid citations. I guess the atty told him that he should have me take over the title of his car so that when he's out driving around with-o insurance & with-o license and they run his plate they won't pull him over any more cause my name - without a record - will show up, not his. It will eliminate more citations while he straightens out this mess.................... Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz! STOP ASKING ME TO DO THIS STUFF!!

    Called my dear Officer friend who said NO!. I agree!!! Something serious happens and I could be responsible.

    Tired of this stuff!!! Tired of me feeling like the bad guy cause he asks me all this krap and I have to say no!!! In the "real world" he Shouldn't be asking me.

    Overheard bit of his phone conversation he had with his dad. Something about someone has his cycle for repairs, but now can't get ahold of that kid. Hope there's no problem now with that!

    Tired of having 'anxiety' attacks cause of his dumb lifestyle.
    Tired of anxiety!!!

    So glad he's out of the house. Makes it bit easier.
    Will try to focus on the bit of forward progress.
    I guess our kid's really invented the slogan:
    NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!! :sad-very:
    Ahhhhhhhhhh! Now I get it, it really has nothing to do with exercise!! It's their learning curve!!!!!!!!!!

    Stay strong everybody!!!!!!!
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    Why should you be liable for his actions? Why would anybody think you should? I totally get it all around I was in a similar situation with my difficult child daughter years ago. My insurance company told me that they would cease to insure us even though we had been with them for twenty+ years with clean driving records, unless we signed an affidative that my daughter would never drive our cars. That still stands today 13 years later. She almost lost a brand new car as a result of not paying her insurance and husband and I stupidly bailed it and her out to the tune of $19,000. ( it was going to be repossessed and we had $5000 already invested in it) NEVER AGAIN will I fall into that stupidity. It took a long time for me to learn the lesson but after round two with difficult child 2 and his garbage (which almost put us into debt that we would never be able to climb out), of we learned. Stick to your guns. He made the mess He can clean it up. -RM
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    Oh, good heavens. Once my daughter had her big accident (one of three) she was never on OUR insurance again. We let her get out of her own messes.
    She has not used drugs or had an accident for six years now, but she is still paying out money to some insurance company for damage done to a poor woman who was a victim of her old drunk/drugging/driving ways. And we still don't help her because we want her to remember how bad it really was.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Yeah, right.

    And for ten bucks I'll sell him some swamp land in Florida.


    That idiot should be disbarred for such a ridiculous suggestion.

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    My kids have never been on our insurance for the car. :) Something I put my foot down on. If they wanted to drive, they had to buy their own insurance. lol

    My jaw dropped when I read that they told him to ask you to do that. And it takes alot to make my jaw drop these days. sheesh :rofl:

    Baby steps are better than backward steps. I hope he keeps taking them forward.