Who here is the auto insurance guru?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Billy had a fender bender last October. Cops didnt even give him a ticket, they just wrote up a report and said that his car had roughly $500 in damages, the other car had less than $100 in damages. No bodily injuries were reported by either party.

    It was a very minor thing. Rainy day, car in front stopped, Billy was driving roughly 10mph slowing down and his car stalled and his slid into the car in front which was a big jeep and he was driving an old beat up Nissan.

    Now, almost 9 months later this Jeep guy is suing...we get a summons by a cop, for 10K in auto and bodily injuries and pain and suffering. Now this guy didnt even go to the hospital that day. Refused the ambulance ride because he was just fine.

    Now he wants a jury by peers.

    Im thinking this guy tried to put this through on insurance and the insurance denied it and now he thinks he can sue in superior court. Ummm....Billy has nothing! He doesnt make anything. Isnt this what insurance is for?
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    Exactly what insurance is for.

    Contact the claims center and give them the info.
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    Billy should call his auto insurance carrier and report the claim. Anytime you hit someone else, you need to report it, even though someone says they are fine, odds are sometimes down the line, they have the thought process of contacting a lawyer. I see a lot of claims made right before the statute of limitations on making a claim runs out :) and usually they come in direct from the attorney's office who know there is a time line to responding to a loss.

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    This is exactly what insurance is for, and is why insurance is so important. Otherwise you can end up spending decades paying off something like this at a couple of hundred bucks a month.

    My mom had an accident years ago. The person filed suit two days before the time ran out and claimed all kinds of stuff. The accident did a little damage to her 10yo farm truck and totaled my mom's car. We were really stressed but it ended up with the insurance co doing all the work and very little stress for us.

    Let insurance handle it.

    I am sorry that it is such a stressful process, esp when you are sure that the other person is claiming a bunch of damages that didn't happen.
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    He should contact his insurance co. This happened to husband when I was in college. He was coming to see me during a snow storm (ahh young, stupid love) and had trouble getting up a hill. He had to turn around and as he crept down the hill his car just slid, into the parked car of an elderly man. The man standing outside of his car was slightly bumped by his parked car. They exchanged info, the man declined any medical treatment. About a year later my husband was served papers. They wanted to sue a few days before statute of limitations ran out. husband didn't even have the same insurance company as the one he had at the time of the accident. He called the old company and they handled it all. We never even knew the outcome.