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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 13, 2010.

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    I was late leaving for pick up of difficult child today - time got away from me in the kitchen.

    All the street parking next to the school (on both sides) was taken so I pulled into a residential street across the way. I figured I would see him coming out the side door and pull up. So I'm sitting there about 30 seconds and see his 1:1 coming out, but no difficult child.

    As his 1:1 gets closer, I squint a little and realize that tall, handsome young man in his brand-new just-arrived-today JROTC uniform is difficult child! :proudamerican:

    Who would have thought seven years ago.........

    It was a proud moment.

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    :beautifulthing::congratualtions:Isn't it surprising how maturity catches up to our "little wonders", Sharon? I'm very proud of Dude ~ give him a big hug from this cyber auntie (if he lets you).
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    Absolutely loved reading this-way to go difficult child!!!!
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    How great is that? Way To Go, difficult child!
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    Oh Sharon...that brings back so many memories! So happy for you. Hugs. Proud of difficult child. I remember Jamies first uniform too. I always was smitten for a man in uniform...lol.
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    Very COOL!!!!
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    Me too Janet!

    I was thinking about difficult child last night while I was lying in bed. I don't think it was so much the uniform that choked me up (although he did look mighty handsome..) it was more that he was so tuned in - do you know what I mean? Watching him walk with his head held high and a smirky smile on his face is such a far cry from the little boy in the depths of dark depression and extreme anxiety who wouldn't, almost couldn't, leave his mother or make it through a half a day of school without a rage that cleared the classroom.

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    You are a super :warrior: mom!!! Your difficult child is proof that our difficult children are capable of accomplishing great things with the right supports in place... I'm so happy for you, for your difficult child!!! My eyes are actually watery while typing, lol... Way To Go difficult child!!!:proudamerican: SFR
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    Nice! Great story!
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    Brings a tear......how awesome is that moment!
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    Very very cool!
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    Thanks friends, I knew you would understand!

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    Way To Go! I'm very behind on reading threads so I'm just now getting to this. I understand the feeling though- it sure helps us to remember that they are plunging into manhood whether either of us (parent or son) are ready for it, doesn't it?

    I think JROTC is a great program for helping teens to start feeling a sense of real pride and confidence in themselves. My son first got into it while incarcerated but they don't have it where he is now. He voluntarily took it the few months he was in mainstream school last spring and says he wants to get back into it upon his release next year.

    And yes, it brought a tear to my eye the first time I saw him in uniform, too!