Who is the moderator of this board? Need help!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Memeliza posted this on the 'who was a difficult child' thread and it looks like it needs personal attention. Please do what you do best! Thanks!

    "I had a defiant daughter that did drugs,stole, was sexually active and she does have bipolar but she uses it as an excuse for being rude and mean, she was very abuseive to her younger sister which is *orca auntie* and there was so many problems she was pregnant at 15 and yes all her crying and me feeling like I was a bad mother always gave in. I paid her rent,food etc... she had a loser boyfriend tha was and still is a drunk. I have custody of her 3 children and now the oldest of the 3 female 13 years old is acting just like her mother and I will not be jello in her hand I am srtict as I was with her mom we constantly dis agree she thinks she can do what ever she wants her yponger sibling are (sick) of her drama I have put jer in the court diversion program even though she has not committed a crime. I feel that if she sees a third part that sets rules will work. so far it has not not sure what to do next I really think her mom is (brain washing her) what do I do?"
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    PM busy wend, loth, or nvts they are the mods
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    JO...or anyone...if you ever see a post that you feel needs attention, just hit the report post button, that sends it directly to the moderators. We will do with it what we will. I believe there is a place on the report post thing that you can say why you are reporting the post.
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    I hadn't even noticed that little button - and it isn't labeled...
    SO, if you're looking for "report post" button... its on the lower right hand edge, on the same line as the "reply" button.

    Thanks for bringing this button to our attention!
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    It's actually the exclamation point in the triangle on the lower left had corner of each post. I have read both of memeliza's posts as well as one from orcaauntie acknowledging the relationship. Sounds like memeliza is doing the right thing. If her granddaughter is starting to act like her mother (orcaauntie's sister), I hope the diversion program helps.
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