Who the heck are you and what did you do with my difficult child?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Farmwife, Aug 21, 2010.

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    After 3+ years of difficult child-ness (banging head against a wall, stress related health concerns ect.) we had a breakthrough.

    I was having a particularly icky day. I was also being pretty crabby and in hindsight was being a bit #%%^#@ to difficult child. He was the one in the way at the time. I should know better but hey, we all have bad days, right?

    difficult child took it all in stride, completed his chores even after some of my snarky critiques, something that would usually start world war 3 around here and then *IT* happened. Very politely and sincerely he asked me "are you having a bad day or something?"


    I kind of snarled a yes, I had one of those days where everything went wrong and THEN to ice my cake a filling came out of one of my teeth.:mad: His comment shocked me to the point of shutting up though. He finished his chores, avoided any drama and went to bed for the night.

    I'm just wondering what Alien species would come and snatch my difficult child and replace him with a well behaved clone. I need to send them a thank you letter but leave out the return address. :D
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    :faint: Every now and again they ground us!
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    Once in a while the real kid underneath comes out and we catch a glimpse of who they really are...lol.