Whose acting like a 3 year old here?


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difficult child was eating his supper tonight on the couch. I don't normally let him do it as he's a very messy eater and really doesn't pay attenting to what he's doing when he's in front of the tv. For whatever reason I decided to let it slide tonight. Then I noticed that he had set his plate on the arm of the couch and it was on the verge of sliding off. (Still had food on it) When I told him to please move his plate before it fell off, he replied with something typically rude toned and with attitude. As we've gotten A LOT of that lately (like 9 times out of 10 when he opens his mouth), I've told him I'm not tolerating it anymore. So I told him to take his medicine and go to his room. He of course refused and he took off through the house with me following. Probably not the best thing to do but I've had it. Anyway, it eventually got to the point that I was standing against the back door keeping it shut and calmly saying that he needed to go to his room and that he was not sleeping in the tent tonight. He, on the other hand, is yelling and hollering at me saying that I'm stupid, that I'm acting like a 3 year old and I should just shut up and go to MY room....blah blah blah blah. At one point he shoved me a couple of times and I also ran into a shelf when I was manuvering to get back in front of the door after I had stepped away from it. There were a couple of stand off moments when we just stood there staring at each other. Hey, it's repeat season...I've got nothing to do...I can stand there alllll night if I have to. He decided to go to the front door but forgot my sister in law was there so I just told her to stand in front of the front door. He didn't bother trying to physically move her like he did me because (and I almost laughed at this part) while she's not an extremely large woman, she's definately not Twiggy either. I don't know how I kept him from moving me away from the door honestly. While I still weigh more than he does, he's got a foot on me and is very strong. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow.

I don't know what's gotten into him lately. More times than not when he opens his mouth to husband or I he does nothing but spew attitude and nasty. Tonight is the first time in a long time that we've had an incident like this. As for the attitude goes though.....I've had it.

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Well....... It certainly wasn't YOU. :hammer:

Personally I think parents of difficult child kids ought to get an option from above to skip over the teen years altogether. Ugh!

I think it was a good thing you stood your ground. Glad you had sister in law to back you up, too.

I am beginning to think there is something in the air though. Nichole had decided tonight that Travis had "stolen" all of her Harry Potter books. I don't know if he "borrowed" them or not. (he doesn't always think to ask) But I gently reminded her that he has his own set.

Earlier I was supposed to pick Travis up from an appoint once he called me collect to tell me he was finished. He called, I went across town to get him. No Travis. I even spent more than a half hour looking for him in case he started walking. Then I get home and he calls again and tells me he's at Kmart waiting. Interesting since I was supposed to be picking him up somewhere else. Grrrrr. Then he had the nerve to be ticked at me for taking so long. Needless to say Mom gave him an ear full.



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I am sorry it was a bad night. I never knew what the right thing to do in the heat of the moment. I always stood my ground, too. It never made it better though. Wish I had a suggestion for you.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!


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Good for you for standing your ground :bravo: I guess for some it doesn't make a difference, but we've noticed over time with Dylan that it has. He knows we won't succumb to his garbage anymore. It's a losing battle :hammer:

Glad sister in law showed up when she did.

I'll keep positive thoughts today is better. Email me if you need. I gotta get the boys ready for camp.

Hugs, friend.


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So sorry for your rough night-doesn't sound like one bit of fun. I'm glad you stood your ground and sister in law was there to help. I totally understand being fed up with the attitude! I've had it too! :hammer:
I really hope today is better than last night. Hugs.


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Well there just comes a time that you have got to stand up to them. The rest of the world isnt going to cater to their whims.

Funny story here.

My husband works in construction and that field attracts a ton of difficult child's. Last night we had to go pick up his paycheck and we were chatting with his boss. Seems a whole crew got fired from a job they were on. (This company works sub contracting work as drywall workers) Anyway, one of the guys on the crew that got fired we will call L. He got mouthy with the company man on the job and basically got the crew fired. Guess what...L is bipolar! My husband's boss is ticked at him and talks about how he cant give L any authority because no one will listen to him, he wont use it appropriately, yada yada. husband said to his boss...Ya know Sam, you have to know how to deal with bipolar people...lmao! I laughed so hard.


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There was something in the air last night, almost everyone had trouble sometime yesterday...



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I hear you, Mstang! About once a month, we have to crack down on our difficult child again. His attitude creeps up little by little. Once we crack down and take away absolutely everything (clothes, TV, videos, friends, phone), he behaves, but once he earns it all back, he's obnoxious. I just don't get it.
Good luck.