Why do people sabotage a good day?


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difficult child 1 had a really rough time Friday on the bus. He's getting more and more anxious about Christmas and changes at school. The last bus matron was really aggressive and he's on the bus for almost 2 hours (he has a 1 hour time limit-don't EVEN get me started!) and with ADHD that's really really rough.

We got a new driver on Monday last week and a new matron on Friday (ahhh transitions...gotta love 'em!). Friday all he** broke loose, yelling, cursing, etc. and the school calls and tell husband that 1 was having trouble (they called right in front of difficult child 1 - a BIG no-no!). husband asked what they needed him to do and they said they had to let him know. Again, what do you need me to do? "Nothing". Are you calling right in front of him? Yes. Ok, great move, you've now set him off for a GREAT ride home. OOPS!

They get here and the driver tells me of the cursing, swearing and yelling and that he may have to write him up. I'll talk to him and the situation will be addressed.

We had a really good weekend and I worked with him about the behavior.

difficult child 1 gets on the bus, apologized and the driver very roughly says "it better never happen again - or I'll write you up - I won't tolerate this...etc." difficult child 1 looked really upset, so I told the driver that with his particular disability, it's really best that he just accept the apology and trust that I've addressed the issue. His tone changed, but the damage was done!

<u>So much for my first day alone, in my house, in over 2 years.</u>


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Makes you really wonder about some people.

Goodness, 2 hours is a long time for any child on a bus!

I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly with no phone calls.



call 911........call 911

At the point the driver made a threat to my child - I would have left the bus and gone to the superintendent of transportation and had a 'Come to Jesus' meeting.

"I hope it won't happen again or I' will - " was the appropriate response.

And as far as the people in the office that called right in front of difficult child - send them a rubber mallet for Christmas
:hammer: -

Sorry your first day alone was a bummer -

Oh, wanted to address the part about getting excited about Christmas. My son used to do the same thing - BUT he was as good as gold from the day back to school after turkey day to the first day back to school after Christmas. HOW? I told him I knew how many presents he had, and for every report or run to the school I HAD to (by law) take a gift and donate it to kids less fortunate.

Hope it settles down a little for you.



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At the point the driver made a threat to my child - I would have left the bus and gone to the superintendent of transportation and had a 'Come to Jesus' meeting.

Unfortunately, if it was the same superintendent that set up this route, it would have to be a "Second Coming to Jesus" meeting!

Thanks for the ideas!!




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Wow! difficult child 1 held it together on the bus and when he was getting off in the morning, the driver told him that he was super proud of him and thanked him for the apology!

Just when you think you've got people pegged, they throw you a bone!

Now: I'm going to see if Day 2 of "Being Alone In My House For The First Time In 2 Years" will be better than day 1!!!


Sometimes, people just have to throw their weight around ONE MORE TIME to see if the other guy will "bite".

Your son did not bite.

Maybe now that he has had time to chill (and see what a donkey he must have looked like), this was his way of making peace. I certainly hope so. And I hope it continues to go well.

Oh, but please, don't waste your day alone tangling yourself in Christmas lights. How boring.