why do vitamins hurt my tummy?

Sue C

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I've tried taking vitamins over the years, but they always make my stomach hurt. I tried taking them after breakfast. I tried taking them after lunch. But my tummy still hurt either way.

Any idea how I can take vitamins so my stomach will not hurt? I really feel like I need to take them.



Sue, it's generally the iron in the vitamins that makes tummies hurt. You need to find a low- or no-iron formula. I take Centrum Silver (even though I'm not yet 50) because it doesn't have any iron in it. It's worth a try.


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I have to take iron-free multivitamins, also. I have terrible reactions with those that have iron. Safeway Select brand has one without iron. I suggest you give that a try!
I'm thinking it's the iron, too.

Oil of Olay makes a nice vitamin combo that I took for awhile. Now, I can't find them.

If you read the label for iron content, that might make your decision as to which kind to take a lttle easier.

Right now, I am taking Estroven. In addition to B vitamins, it contains black cohosh. I think this is helping with hot flashes.

It's hard to know whether it is really helping though, or whether I am just at a place in my cycle where the flashing is decresing a little.

Someone here called hot flashes power surges. :smile:

Someone else said it was our inner child, playing with matches.



I have this problem and take Flintstones. Haven't had any problems with them, and can even take the iron ones now.

Sue C

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Shari -- don't you have to take like a zillion (OK, I'm exagerating) Flintstones if you are an adult? How many do you take? Once Melissa and I were shopping at Sam's Club and they had some new kids' vitamins (I think like gummies), and I asked the lady working at the display about Melissa taking them ('cuz she cannot swallow pills). She told me they were only for children.

Thanks, everyone, for your ideas. I will definitely check into a vitamin without iron! I remember my dr. mentioning Centrum awhile back.



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Someone else said hot flashes was

Our inner child playing with matches -

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