why have a crisis plan, VENT!

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    OK, so I think I have posted on just about every board on CD about how freaking nuts my life with both of my difficult child's is these days.

    Well difficult child I (17) went off the deep end tonight as the reality of him being in deep doo doo with his PO 2morrow set in. I got the works " I am weak" "I am a piece of carp" "I am not his mother" "he just wants to kill me right now" and the ever popular "you're a rat and a snitch" Oh and a new one tonight "I want to live with Dad, make it happen" Forgive my sarcasm, I think I am about to crack.:ashamed:

    So as I have been instructed I call the on-call CMO line. and as per difficult child I's crisis plan that we've spent hours going over and planning they're suppose to send out mobile response, but just like last time the on-call worker says "CMO tries to de-escalate over the phone, we typically do not send out mobile repsonse" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, just like last time, I had to tell the on-call person who has the crisis plan on a screen in front of them, to read it!!!!! Yet still he insists on speaking with difficult child I on the phone and not calling mobile, I give up, of course 1st he tried to tell me to call the police which just made me laugh :faint:, I really do give up, I am cracked beyond repair..................:whiteflag:
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    Vent away I hear ya!!! I'm sorry about the run around they are giving you, last time I was on phone with crisis center not only was mobile unit unavailable but they told me not to bring her there to take her to the ER. The ER here is the worst place with a mental health crisis - they do the restraints & booty shots until the person is medically unstable so when you finally get them to the psychiatric hospital they won't admit them and send them back to the ER. I wish just once we could get thru a crisis without having some ER doctor overdose my kid.
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    I am so sorry. For some reason I thought he was turning 18 not too long ago (must have been someone else's difficult child).

    I still do not understand how the legal system can look at these cases where the most trouble is in the home and honestly think house arrest is what should be done. Hello! I am asking for HELP not to be locked up 24/7 with this unstable dangerous person.

    I would document everything and file an official complaint against the CMO. Ask that each and every worker READ every case. Have your file highlighted in great big letters - DANGEROUS - GET MOBILE THERE NOW!!! NORMAL PROCEDURE DOES NOT WORK!!!
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    Our county mental health has listed on their website a crisis number and mobile response. When we called them 2 weeks ago about difficult child 2 and how he wouldn't willingly go to the ER, they told us to call the police. UGH!!! Yeah. Let's just add an assault charge to the list - cause he would have put up a fight if the police showed up. And this was with the SW there talking to them on the phone!!!

    What exactly is their mobile response unit for then????
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    I take it that their crisis plan is just a suggestion? What a mess. Hope he's calmed down and you're not having to hear him anymore. Many hugs.
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    :rofl: My sentiments EXACTLY!

    I will add though that here, in order to get any kind of assistance other that a crisis therapist over the phone (a tdo, assistance with transport, someone sent to the house for a talk, etc), we HAVE to call 911 and have cops sent over. The cops assess the situation and decide which one, if anything, to provide. If they decide to do what I asked (which has usually been a tdo), then the cops call the mental health center to start the process. If I'm able to get difficult child somewhere by myself, this doesn't have to happen that way, otherwise- it's the law.

    The cops did not arrest difficult child for about 4 times that I called them from Dec to beginning of Feb. But that last time, they did. They are stricter on protocol if the kid is already in the legal system- ie: on probation- so we were lucky that they helped get difficult child to psychiatric hospital twice before that. If you have in home help for mental health issues but the kid is not in the legal system, you can be provided a mobile response without cops getting involved. The intent might be good, but the outcome is that kids who are in the legal system get kept in it and keep getting deeper in it as the mental health people get less and less involved over time.

    So, vent away. But prepare yourself- you might have to get used to calling the cops.
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    It is just ridiculous. I have no ideas or answers about our horrible system.

    Just a hug and huge sorry for what you are going through.