Wicke downturn in behavior turns out to be....

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    a concussion, or a series of hits to the head.

    At least that is what we are thinking. Wow, my boy was wicked. Confrontational, irritable, not understanding, not remembering. I scheduled an early medication evaluation and we upped the zoloft.

    Then we went to the concussion center. The dr conducted questions regarding symptons and , lo and behold, his head was concussed. He had already been out of football for a week, much to the coach's dismay, and was out of school completely for a week. After a follow up visit he is still out of all sports. The Concussion center even sent a form to school regarding school work requesting limited homework, extra time on tests etc.

    After the rest, he was back to his normal self which really has been pretty cool. It was so scary. This looked like a total mental health breakdown. I think I am the only paretn who ever felt just a twinge of relief to hear of such a head injury. Well, he is not totally back, but better.

    So, thanks for listening. Do you think we shoudl attempt to bring the zoloft back down?

    Just wanted to share for all those who have an athlete.
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    My older daughter A suffered a serious concussion about a year ago. She missed 4 weeks of school because of it. We were told by our concussion clinic here that any prior conditions, such as migraines, mood disorders, inattention, etc. will be exacerbated by the head injury. So there's a chance that any increased moodiness you saw during the concussive period will abate when he returns to normal. But your doctors will know for sure.

    I hope your son feels better soon.
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    I rode and trained horses for many years. I've had a LOT of concussions including one that had me in the hospital for a few days and seeing double for a few months afterwards.

    I've been told that my mood disorder and LDs were very likely aggravated by all the concussions.

    A concussion is a bruise of the brain. It is a closed head injury and needs to be treated as the serious condition it is.