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    Tonight has been really interesting. I am not sure if I will be able to get on tomorrow or not, so don't worry.

    Our power was off for several hours due to a big storm. The storm is still going but we have power back, at least for now. It was really cool to look outside and see absolutely nothing between bolts of lightening!!! Really makes me aware of how big and powerful nature is, and how little our problems are in the grand scheme.

    There is a warning from our power company that blackouts may come and go for a few days. The high winds are driving the rain into places it normally cannot get to. Resources are pretty scarce in our town because crews were sent into the smaller towns and to the parts of the city where the problems are the worse.

    It has been really fun to watch the storm and I even went out into the rain for a little while. It is awesomely cool and the air smells so clean and fresh! The next door neighbor's pool is almost overflowing. I feel sorry for the few fish that were in there. It is too dark out to walk around the pond safely or I would find something to help scoop them up and put them back in the pond.

    husband and thank you are sleeping but Jess and I have had a great time listening to the thunder and rain, watching the lightning and sharing fun memories of other storms!

    Hopefully none of you are having big problems from storms tonight!