Winter break is just about to start for us!

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    And I am sooooo happy to not have the specter of homework hanging over us for the next two weeks! Not that I am doing the work, but I have to supervise and ensure it gets completed by the difficult child's here. husband doesn't realize just how draining that job is for me some days.

    I'm also happy about not having to get up early for anything in the mornings for the next two weeks, too! There's no one I have to hurry-up-and-medicate, no lunches to pack, etc.

    difficult child 1's tutor is going through a custody battle this week, and I've been a little frustrated with her canceling his sessions at the last minute though it's understandable. She won't be coming over the break, but I think difficult child 1 needs to keep working on a little bit of something to keep his brain busy, Know what I mean??

    difficult child 2 has already announced to me his intention to take a 2-day nap starting this afternoon! I guess he's been tired lately, lol! psychiatrist says he's probably growing when he gets like this. He had a band concert Wednesday night and the black pants I got him for it just three weeks prior had already been outgrown!!! I had to rush to the store to exchange them for a bigger size!

    I think I'll invite easy child to help finish decorating the tree today. Then this afternoon, the kids all want to go see the new Tron movie. And later when husband gets home, we may go out in the town to look at the holiday lights :)

    My Christmas spirit is starting to warm up finally!
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    good 4 u. you sound a whole lot better than your other post!! have an awesome day. i'm glad you'll get a reprieve the next two weeks!! well deserved and needed. and two day nap? LOL that's great. we have tutor's again today, our break doesn't start till next thursday right before xmas. it's math and sciene also ugh!