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    How did you go about presenting to the IEP team to get suspensions removed as options for your son? Do you mind sharing the wording?
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    You have to have a BIP (behavior intervention plan) drawn up. First though, an FBA (functional behavioral assessment) needs to be done. The FBA is a fact gathering process for team members (and you) to find out what happens to Wee before he exhibits a behavior (this is called the antecedent), then state the behavior that resulted, and then a positive intervention or strategy is to be implemented -not a punishment. The main idea here is for staff to be able to recognize the situations that cause the behaviors and try to prevent those situations, if something happens and the behavior couldn't be prevented, what comes next is a positive way of dealing with it ~NOT SUSPENSION!~ You will need to send a letter requesting a FBA be done immediately. Once there is a BIP in place, it becomes a part of Wee's IEP and that is the protocol that is followed, not the school board's directive.
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    There is a BIP, but...the FBA was done last year when the blow-ups were a result of academic requests. Now the blow ups are still generally frustration related, but of a different nature...
    The biggest thing is that if he hides in a corner, they are to leave him be, and they are not to "corner" him. They are going to argue that they didn't corner him...but in wee's mind, that's exactly what happened.
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    Well if there are new behaviors or new causes to the behavior, then it is time to revisit the bip. Another option is to include a CIP (crisis intervention plan) which lists in specific detail a plan to be followed when crisis behaviors occur. Just don't allow suspension to be part of the plan~ it really shouldn't be anyway.
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    Suspension isn't a part of any of his stuff.

    I beleive letting him go to his safe place may still be...I don't have his darned records with me today!
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    Sorry it took me so long to respond-it's been an incredibly long day and I am just now getting to the computer!

    I think one of the biggest things that helped us was going in with the letters from the psychiatrist, therapist, and neuro-psychiatric. It also so happened that at the IEP meeting the Special Education teacher invited the district Special Education person thinking she would be supported in all of the suspensions. However, the district person totally agreed with us that the behaviors difficult child was exhibiting were clearly related to his disability. In fact, after the Special Education teacher left that meeting she asked the principal, in front of us, if she thought the Special Education teacher should go to special training so she would know how to work with kids like difficult child.

    I can't lay my hands on his IEP tonight but will try to locate it tomorrow. It will probably be late again by the time we get home (I have to pick easy child up from cheer practice at 8:00).