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    I am still going through the events that have transpired that have gotten me to this point. I have searched and searched for a answers/support group to help me cope during such a difficult time. My son has always had issues in school in which he would be suspended for a couple days due to his behaivor. We moved to a new area, hoping that we would be able to start fresh, well that didn't happen! After less than a month at the new school my son was being suspended on a weekly basis to the point he was put into an alternative school. He did the unthinkable and was caught with drugs, I'm so grateful they did not have him arrested but he is now facing expulsion. I took him with me to return something at the store yesterday and I get a call from Loss Prevention! he had stolen a pair of socks, so again he was not arrested, but I was told I would have to pay $500 restitution. When my son first started having these issues I requested that he be tested, the results indicated he did not qualify for special services, in the meantime I had his regular physician do a referral, he is scheduled for a pyche evaluation this week. Its very disheartening, I have to work and worry about him not being in a structured environment during the day, not sure whats going on in his world, his paternal grandmother had huntington desease, and i pray that he did not inherit this fatal desease..............thanks for listening.
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    You may need intensive therapy and their not pressing charges is probably not going to help you... I would personally be relieved, but I can see in this situation that he would not go to jail likely for socks, but it would help him to get services (maybe). If you can get a neuropsychologist evaluation not just a mental health evaluation...then his ability, learning style, mood issues, developmental issues etc...can all be looked at---at the same time.

    If he is using drugs he likely needs treatment, I dont have that parenting experience but many here do so I hope you find them as supportive and helpful as I do on a daily basis! So, just wanted to say hi and hold on...others will come as the day goes on...

    You have found a supportive family here. HUGS
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    Thanks so much, I certainly appreciate your feedback. I will talk to the adolescent phychiatrist this week regarding these evaluations.
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    Hi tired and welcome. I am glad you found us but sorry you need to be here. How old is your son? I agree with buddy that perhaps they should have filed charges because he is getting away with too many things and it is becoming too easy for him. They would not have put him in jail and since he is a juvenile anything could be expunged in the end. I would not protect him any longer from legal consequences.

    You are his mom and are very worried about him, rightly so. Do whatever you can to convince the professionals you deal with that he needs help. The time for him to get help is now before he becomes a legal adult. You may want to have him tested for drugs. If he is using it becomes a while new ballgame and substance abuse treatment may be needed.

    If he continues on this road his behavior will escalate. Having him home durign the day while you work is not the right answer. Talk to the school and see what alternatives they can offer. You need services for your son. Sometimes the fastest way to get those are to stop rescueing him.