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    Hey...I know this has been a subject on here before. Missy has a Kindle Firethat was given to her for Christmas. Both kids have a DSxl. All of which access the internet. Recently, I caught my son on some nintendo chat site that had some inappropriate language. I was clued in by the sound of two 8 year old boys giggling, which was awesome to hear, but when they giggle like that repeatedly, you just know something's up, right? Then my daughter's tablet had some stuff which was a bit inappropriate as well. I've tried to parental control it, but there's no app or way of doing so. I even contacted Amazon and there's no fix for this, other than to turn of the internet, which, let's face it, defeats the whole purpose, right? Anyway....I posted about this last night and my Aunt found this

    www.opendns.com It's a cloud that works with your router and covers all internet access through that router. In essence, controls content for anything that's accessed through your router. YAY! There is a free version, which is just a basic program. No need to install software (I believe), but you get ads. The other one gives you more control over what is blocked. It's $20 for the entire year, which to me is worth all the tea in china! It worked on the Kindle and the Ds, as well as the Wii. It will work on iPads too.
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    I found when I got ads on the free version of the app lock, you could click on the ads and bipass it! just fair warning. I paid my $2. LOL I am going to check this out though, sounds more comprehensive.