Wisconsin anyone? Please read my thread looking for help

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Feb 25, 2009.

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    I'm beginning to think we have a very hard state in which to get sane help. If anyone has gotten anywhere, please help.
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    I wish I had a good suggestion. My only thought was to call an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Wisconsin and ask for help in finding services. They must have agencies that they get referrals from???? The two RTCs I can think of in WI are Milwaukee Academy and Eau Claire Academy (owned by the same group).
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    Oh, maybe a call to Boys Town would get some direction as well.
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    Thanks. We are way up in Wood County though. I"ll see what happens in court tomorrow. My friend is going to show up there and I'm going with. This can't continue. The boy is uncontrollable and needs help. The entire family is in chaos because of him. And his sister is also on the brink.
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    Are you thinking along the lines of RTCs? I don't really know of any, just that we don't have any here in Madison. I do love the psychiatrist that difficult child has. He is really good but we are probably too far south. Our county also offers a program (have to be accepted) that my difficult child qualifies for. It isn't super long term but it has been helpful and even provided us with some respite.
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    There is an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Illinois that takes really littles http://www.thebabyfold.org/ don't know anything about it other than at least at one point it was on the list of places that take our funding.
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    This is the reason I haven't moved closer to family ~ WI is notorious for NOT taking care of their children with psychiatric needs. I searched & searched with help after husband died.

    I'm sorry - just don't know of much there. There is supposed to be a Beckett waiver program but my sister tried to utilize it for her twins to no avail.
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    Thanks, all. I'm going to print it out and show my friend. To me it's just mindboggling that she can't get this little guy help. Hopefully the Judge will pay attention today. It's going to be a long day in court.
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    Good luck in court MW I hope something good comes out of this. -RM
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    In wisconsin. No help. Not even in Milwaukee area and I am not far from there.
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    This might not be of much help, but I was wondering if they had looked into Bellin Psychiatric in Greenbay? Might be an option. My son was there for an 11 day stay... this was when he was at the age of seven. Although it was not as helpful as I would have hoped for him, all kids are different. I was wondering if the county had a crisis line? They've probably already been there done that, just a suggestion. I've had to call it a few times when my son was in an uncontrollable, violent rage. Wish I had more to offer, yes, this is a hard state to get help in, I agree. It is so frustrating. Thought I would add this... Medical Assistance paid for all ER, and Psychiatric stays. I hope and wish for the best for your friend and her son!