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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Our local Craigslist has a FREE section...

    Today someone posted a picture of a small box bottom full of miscellaneous food. They wrote that it wasn't much - but insisted that it go to a house with NOTHING in the cupboards and must have children.

    It was very touching. It got some RE: NICE jobs, and I also posted how I admired that person and felt I could do something similar. So...I went through our cabinets and found even MORE stuff that did not make it to the food pantry the first go round....and put it in a box and made a list and posted it.

    I'll tell ya what. It's really not much - it's mosty jello and there is enough in that box for a meal or two if someone knows how to stretch a meal - but it's not much.

    I'm just encouraging everyone in OUR Craigslist community to follow this even if you don't have much - 1/2 of something is still better than nothing. It's really getting tough out there....

    If you can - maybe consider it.

    I'm also going to go through my Beanie Babies and see what I can give for Christmas presents to parents who have nothing to give this year. I know it's not much - but it would be 1 gift. What do you think? Kids maybe don't want or like Beanie Babies any more? :confused:
  2. 1905

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    That is very touching. I know there are kids who don't have ANY toys, and would love beanie babies. Just in my small community, there are people who are so poor, -no one would even know, or imagine their lives. Even in the most affluent of communities, where poverty isn't an issue (you would think)-it is.

    It does hurt your heart to work with children who can't relate to a park, they don't know what you see there, they have never been to one. Children who have never had Thanksgiving even. Normal things we take for granted, some kids have never experienced.
  3. Abbey

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    You're a good soul, hon. It's amazing what a small thing matters so much to others.

  4. Steely

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    What a fantastic idea!
    Of course, all kids still love Beanie babies. It was only adults that made them "trendy".
    Kudos to you - and motivation to all of the rest of us - to follow Star*s direction!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OMG OMG -

    A woman emailed me -She knows that there is a woman with three little ones - the currently have no fridge and are trying to keep food in a cooler with ice. The woman is trying to help her (single mom has no computer) asking for anyone with a fridge - and food. They have nothing.

    I'm going through my yard sale stuff to see what else she can use.

    Man does this feel good. :D

    Pay it forward indeed.
  6. ML

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    I totally agree with you, Star. If we all gave a little and adopted a "pay it forward" philosophy we could just about move mountains. For those who can't donate money, food or other items, keep in mind giving of your time and gifts is invaluable. Thank you for sharing this, Star.
  7. GoingNorth

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    Aww geeze. I got rid of an elderly refrigerator a couple of months ago. The freezer part didn't work properly, but it still would've been better than no fridge at all.

    I could've had that an an ancient stove moved to my shed until a recipient could make arrangements to have them hauled home.
  8. tiredmommy

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    What a wonderful idea! Duckie wants to do this with her toys as she grows out of them so that she knows they go to another child that will truly appreciate them. :)
  9. Hound dog

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    Wonderful idea. Our food pantry is swamped........and empties rather quickly. Those at the middle/back end of the line don't get much, if anything. This community was on the poor side to begin with........with the economy......oh yeah, it's mighty bad out there.

    We've never had Toys for Tots here. I know cuz I've hunted for them more than once. This year there are Toys for Tot bins everywhere..........literally. Sad part is I've also noticed they're not filling up as they normally would. :(

    Soon as possible I will be paying it forward again. This would be a good idea how to do it. :D
  10. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I love this idea! We usually donate randomly to the food pantry or when there are local food drives. At Thanksgiving, we usually buy an extra turkey with the trimmings and give it to whoever is collecting. We do the same thing at Christmas.

    But I really like the idea of meeting a person and his/her family to hand it to. Wow, how full those hearts must feel!

    I'm going to do it. My pantry is pretty bare itself, what, with all the construction going on I haven't been buying many staples, but I can pull some things together.
  11. rlsnights

    rlsnights New Member

    You are all great! Some other thoughts about passing on your plenty:

    While many people and families who are struggling have access to a car, many others do not. This makes picking up food from individuals scattered all over town difficult.

    That's one reason food closets are a good resource in most communities. They are often deliberately located close to easy public transit access, provided the community has public transit. I realize that some communities are so small this isn't an issue but it is where we live.

    In addition to donating unwanted or extra canned and boxed items directly to our closest food closet, we grow extra produce in our garden and donate that. When there's a super sale on things like peanut butter, canned and dry beans we buy extra and take it to the food closet. Protein sources like these that don't require cooking or refrigeration are a core staple at food closets.

    We also take food, clothing and small sample size personal care products (like the little shampoo bottles you get at hotels) to our local homeless services agency. They distribute it to people who come for services including the once a day meal that is open to anyone who needs it.
  12. KTMom91

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    What about a "Jammie Drive?" Our church donates new pajamas to the childrens' shelter. So many of them come in with nothing, but once they arrive, they get a set of jammies of their very own. We also had a "shoe-fest" and a backpack/school supply collection the first week of school, and are continuing to work with one of the farming communities south of here, where unemployment is over 50%.

    And don't forget the animal shelters! I save up the pet food coupons and look for sales, then take the food over to our local shelter. Food, biscuits, cat litter...

    Let's go move that mountain!
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    and rls is right about not having transportation. I will wait and see if she has transportation to meet me somewhere. If not? I'll take it to her. (good thinnin' rls)

    Thanks for letting me know Beanies are still wanted - nice to know.

    I LOVE the JAMMIE DRIVE.....OMG that is AWESOME....I'm going to ask Dude if his church is doing anything like that.