Wish me luck, I'm diving in

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by crazymama30, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. crazymama30

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    I am starting my workout routine (unsure of what, just that it's at the gym) tommorrow. husband has been working out for awhile, and of course he is in great shape. He is taking me, and will get me going. I told him he has to be nice to me or I will kill him. I have been overweight since I had difficult child, and seem to be gaining a little more each year. I am tired of feeling unhealthy. I am pretty sure I am prediabetic. My cholesterol is a little high too, but not bad. I want to walk up the stairs at school without getting short of breath.

    Guess I need to quit smoking too, huh? I have been contemplating that for a while, and have quit many times before but it never lasted. The pack I have in my car will be my last.

    I can do this, and I will do this. Maybe if I tell my cyber friends I will be more likely to stick to it.
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    How's that? That's your incentive this morning from me! But seriously, good luck. Come and talk about your progress, both the good and the bad!

    Good for you for taking your life back!

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    I'm joining Sharon in congratulating you for taking the first steps to a healthy lifestyle.:exercisebike::jumphappy::bravo: You CAN DO THIS!!!

    We'll be here to support you every step of the way!!! WFEN
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    Congratulations CM, on taking this step.
    All the best,
  5. Fran

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    One step at a time. You can do this. It won't be easy but you have a goal.
    Keep moving forward even when you stumble.
  6. crazymama30

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    Thanks for the good wishes guys. I went and worked out for the first time today, and feel like a pud. I am going to have to build a lot, and I mean A LOT of endurance. I will go every day I do not work, as I work 12 hour shifts. I only work 2 days a week at that job. I smoked my last cigarette about 9:00 this morning, and so far it's not too bad.

    First we will increase excercise and quit smoking, then we will work on diet. I think for now my work is cut out for me.