Wish me luck this weekend.....

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    It's only 6:30 in the morning and I can feel my anxiety levels rising fast. There is so much going on this weekend!

    1) new dog coming into the home this weekend. Duke is a 7 yr old Rott whose owners had to sell their house and the rental house won't allow dogs. (Personally, I wouldn't of rented a house that didn't take my dogs, but that is just me). Right now, Duke is at the In-laws house, outside in a dog run. And we are having major rain right now. 3" yesterday, 1" last night and more coming. We are going to meet Duke today at 3:30 and then get him on Friday. But husband & I were talking that if Duke is going to have to stay in a dog-run until Friday, he can just move in today.

    2) husband invited his Brother and family to Thanksgiving at my Mom's. (He asked Mom first), but that means they will be spending tonight and tomorrow night at my house. That was no problem when it was just brother in law, sister in law and the new baby. Then brother in law got his kids for the weekend. 13, 9, and 5. The 5 yr old has anxiety about being away from Mommy and wets the bed. So I need to get ready for that! And then, sister in law is going to get her son too. Never met the kid. He's 5 also, but he's had a life like Ant....NO discipline. And I've heard sister in law talk enough about how much trouble he is that I'm having PTSD flash-backs of Ant when he was little. UHG.... So I could have a house full of kids and a new dog to introduce to the house and my dogs?? (and I wonder why my anxiety is going up).

    3) Steph might spend the night tonight so that there is extra help tomorrow with taking care of all the kids. We've been having wonderful visits with her, but this would be the first night at our home in 2+ yrs.

    4) easy child will be getting home tonight for the weekend. I love having easy child home, but I'm not sure where everyone is going to sleep. brother in law/sister in law will need to use easy child's room. It's the only one with enough sleeping room for them and the two 5yr olds. So, kicking easy child out of his room for 2 nights when he will only be home for 4 nights makes me feel bad. I was going to give him our room since husband was supposed to work until 6am tomorrow, but now husband will be home around mid-night. :sigh:

    5) I have 8 things to cook tonight and 3 things that I have to cook tomorrow. I do this every year and it's normally not an issue. But the thought of doing this with a house full of people and maybe a new dog under foot is almost too much. ...I think I really got used to my empty-nest! I will miss it.

    6) I remember how hard it was to get my 3 teenage kids out of the house on Thanksgiving, I'm not looking forward to all of the people that will need to be herded tomorrow. And I know that a lot of it will fall on my plate. That's one of the reasons that Steph will be staying over. She has more maturity then brother in law does. brother in law and sister in law let the parent of the child do the parenting and only offer support as the step-parent which I understand, but brother in law needs someone to parent him some days.

    7) I do have some things that I need to get done on Friday. And I promised easy child that we would go have lunch together so that we got some time to visit. So, with a house full and a new dog...that should be fun. At least husband doesn't have to leave for work until 5pm. And husband is good at stepping up to the plate and taking care of things.

    8) husband and I are going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Saturday. We are going with another couple. It will be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it. However, that means that easy child will have to stay home and be with Duke as he adjusts to his new home. Which means that easy child won't be able to visit his friends while he's home. And I have a little bit of guilt over that.

    9) I am looking forward to Sunday. I have to have easy child to the airport at 6am and that will be hard. It's always hard to see him leave, but he'll be home in 3 weeks for Christmas break. After we get home from the airport....I'm going to enjoy my empty home and my new dog. And just maybe, if I feel like it, do some laundry.

    I know that I can do this. I will be able to handle this. I think I'm just having a little touch of PTSD over all the chaos that will happen over the next few days. I'll have to look and see if I have any anxiety medications left.

    Wish me luck!!
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    Oh my my my, this grew out of control before you knew what hit you, huh? I dont have ptsd and even I disassociate when I have tons of people around and it feels chaotic (my mom still talks about how I couldn't watch cartoons like road runner with all the chaos). When we have even our close family but the kids are so much mixed with all the tasks that need to be done (like the cookie making parties we do), I prefer to take on kid duty. It is what I am good at and then I can shut off to the other tasks, and my sisters are really good at cooking (I like it but I just do better with one thing in those situations). Usually my kid likes to be with the task folks so we are not in eachother's way, tee hee.

    when I read your post I could feel those kinds of feelings inside of me. I DO hope your weekend goes well. Can you put one of those crib pads under the sheet so the one who pees will not know it is there but it wont get thru everything? Give the MOM extra sheets/blankets day one and say here you go...if there is a problem the washer is downstairs (or wherever, smile).

    I am sure you will do fine, just have to breathe thru those flashback feelings. And take a break and type it out here too! That may help.

    Have a wonderful time as much as you can! Sounds like it could be an opportunity to really share some love.
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    Remember "This Too Shall Pass" .....I'm just hoping that in your case there will be some fun "passing" plates of yummy food. If not Monday will come. I understand your anxiety and send hugs. DDD
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    Sending hugs and strength!
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    The wine rack is great! It sure would help with getting through many different days.

    Especially since I just remembered that we have to deal with Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow. Mom and I had to design the seating arraingements so that Grandma's new habit doesn't offend anyone. Seems that she has decided that it's okay for her to eat off of other peoples plates without asking or to eat right out of the serving dish. And Grandpa (a.k.a. Grumpus) is already grumpy because his family hasn't even called him at all this month. Add to that, he just doesn't like people. Yeap. I could really use that wine rack!!
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    Ahhhh there is nothing like family!