Wish me luck!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by carolanne, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Ack! Sisinlaw is coming tonight as well as my gfgd and her boyfriend. Sis hasn't seen Jess in over a year, almost two by now I think. And she always shows up plastered. We grit our teeth, exchange gifts and watch them drive off...yep drunk...

    This year with all that has gone on and husband telling his sister most of it,it's not gonna be pretty by any means :smile:

    Sis will shoot off her mouth, it's what she does. But I am sick of it and will not allow her to attack my daughter, regardless of what has gone on.

    The problem? husband will jump to HER defense...always does. And I am afraid this will be the last straw...

    Give me strength Lord to do the right thing and wish me luck ladies...I am soooo gonna need it :warrior:

  2. nvts

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    Rattling bead for you! We decided to bag it this year because of my sisters and not have anyone but my 1 sister and her 2 difficult child's. My dad is hosting the 3 witches and we'll go to his house to exchange, but we'll be eating here. They're a judgemental group, made the holidays miserable last year and I declared "enough"!!!

    Good luck!

    Beth :christmasgift:
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    Fingers crossed and prayers being said that you have a peaceful evening. :angel:
    Maybe their car will break down? :rofl:
    And thanks for reminding me to hide the booze before Mommy Dearest gets here in the morning. :hammer: