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    to lessen difficult child's anxiety over respite. I know we need the break (we haven't had any respite since March), I'm not feeling bad about that and am looking forward to the stress relief.

    However, I hate to see how it affects difficult child. I know he has to deal with it and we've told him how to avoid respite but he just hates going. He cries when we take him, before that he gets extremely agitated, grouchy, threatening.

    This is a new respite house and there will be other children which should be a good thing (I think part of the problem has been he usually goes by himself with no other kids) but he is already worrying about the other kids-that's new for him, he usually does really well with other kids around.

    Also they have dogs and horses so hopefully that will help. This lady has a wonderful tone about her. She currently has 5 foster kids, three adult sons at home to help, along with her husband. difficult child and another new respite child will be added to the mix this weekend.

    I am just crossing my fingers that he has a fun weekend so it will be easier for him next time.

    Thanks for listening.
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    I am sending wishes for a positive experience this weekend for your son. Good luck!
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    Hi! Any chance you can take him there over the weekend to look at the place? That might help with the anxiety. Also, maybe start referring to it as "camp" could lighten the angst.

    Would you be able to make it fun getting ready like shopping for stuff for the "vacation" for him? Just going out and getting sunblock, a special towel, the sample size toothpaste, shampoo, etc. could make it feel more fun than "they want me gone for a while".

    Would he have the patience to help you bake cookies or something simple so that he can bring it with him to break the ice with the other kids?

    Being the new kid can really ratchet up the anxiety - chocolate chip cookies or brownies brought with him, made by him, would make him feel a little more in control of the situation.

    Just a few thoughts to make it easier FOR YOU! ;)