Wish us luck! Huge roadtrip in front of us

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    Actually already on the road. difficult child finally decided where he wants to play for the next season at his last deadline last Friday. And they want him there already for this Friday for medicals, training starts Monday. He will be abroad, but not that far, two hour flight. However we decided it would be fun to drive him there and take his stuff that way. However only personal stuff luckily, he will live in pre-furnished flat with the other young foreign team mate (apparently some Californian guy, freshly out of college and trying first time his wings in pro sports and having big European adventure.) Hopefully they will get along; they will share kitchen, bathroom and living room and both have their own bedrooms.

    Well, two hours flight of course turns to quite a many miles, well over 1000 in this case. We try to drive there without stopping for a night. Three of us taking turns to drive, we expect to spend over 24 hours in the car. Then a night and a day in difficult child new home town and I and husband taking little bit different road home with more relaxing pace. We were planning for a weekend in some nice European city this summer vacation with husband, but decided to make this road trip through smaller cities and countryside instead. We will be taking three days to drive back so we have time to stop and do sightseeing etc. I'm sure that part will be enjoyable, if our nerves and posteriors survive this first part.
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    If we drove 1000 miles from here... we'd still be in the same country (unless we headed south)!

    At least you know where difficult child is landing.
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    I hope your trip is smooth and enjoyable!
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    Hope you all survive each other in the way up. Have a great time on the way back, and that difficult child has a smooth season with this team.
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    Heh, we are in our fourth country already :bigsmile: And when difficult child will have a free day and feels like sightseeing, he can easily do so in four different countries in one day. We here in north have more space around us, but most of Europe is very packed.

    Trip is being uneventful. husband drove an evening, difficult child, who is used to nap when he has a chance did a night and I continued from early morning. Now it is again husband's turn. Just now difficult child is sleeping and not being annoying at all ;) Just driving a freeway is of course extremely boring and you don't see much, but that we did know beforehand. Will do sightseeing in our way back.
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    I love a road trip.
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    I like a good roadtrip, too. Hope yours is enjoyable!
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    Where, pray tell, is little easy child??? He didn't think the family outing was going to be fun? :) DDD
  9. SuZir

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    For some incomprehensible reason he wasn't enthusiastic to spend few days with us in the car. Funny kid, isn't he? :bigsmile: Not that anyone asked him to come. We don't need him to our small getaway with husband and neither was he needed to be there to drop difficult child off. And it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Depending how our plans evolve, we may be home even Monday morning and head straight back to work after that. easy child is off to sport camp Sunday afternoon. He was first home alone for a bit and left with his girlfriend's family to sail yesterday evening and will be back Saturday night or Sunday morning depending winds etc. sister in law has our dogs.

    We are heading back already. We were at difficult child's new town yesterday evening, spend today helping him with practicalities, met his new room mate (yikes, I thought kids like that exist solely on teen tv dramas and films, though they tend to play lacrosse in those nowadays and this kid's sport is different. But more about all that in PE later, when I get bored watching a freeway) did some mother henning (I mean, I left my baby to foreign country, far away from home, where he doesn't speak a local language, all alone; some mother henning was absolutely necessary to help with my anxieties ;)), stocked his fridge and took him to dinner and left him to his new home and headed for a couple hour drive to get a headstart and have more time to look around us during next three days.
  10. Star*

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    Smooth sailin Susie!
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    Glad everything is going well.