Wish us luck please and yesterday was a tough day for us

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    So today is day one of respidol with the Clonidine. I am kinda panicked myself over it, because she's at school and I am really worried about the side effects. But we are will to give it try and see how it goes. The school is very aware and going to keep a close eye on her, and let me know about anything.
    Yesterday difficult child came home from school saying that she hates one of the teacher's at her school. A teacher that she has went to daycare with her kids from the time she was 2 and is really good friends with them. The same teacher that has been whispering things for months now about difficult child's behavior. So I asked her why, and she said because her friend said she couldn't be friends with her anymore or play with her, cause her Mom told her to stay away from her. Needless to say I HIT THE ROOF. I understand that my daughter is having some serious behavior issues, but who would EVER tell a kindergartner to not be friends with a 1st grader. Because I know I sure wouldn't, everyone is different, and you never know what other issues someone else is having. You are nice and kind to everyone, I am really big on not bullying. Which makes difficult child behavior even harder to deal with because I hate that she is being unkind to others sometimes. So last night it took us two hours to get to bed, because she was so worried and panicked about having to even go to school and be around this teacher.
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    UGH I have called the school twice to check on her, and no one can bother to return my calls- I am starting to get seriously annoyed
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    I would be upset too. If that mom/teacher had so many concerns, why has she allowed them to become friends at all. That makes no sense. But, as a parent, it is her job to protect her kids. Maybe once things simmer down for difficult child, you can have a talk with the teacher/mom. I know is hoovers bug time because it hurts your daughter.

    I hope the risperdal works for your daughter. I am glad you're all watching for side effects but keep in mind that difficult child 1's "side effects" appeared gradually over a period of 2 months so it took longer for me to realize there was a problem. Not to scare you, but just keep in mind that not all side effects appear right away. Just keep watching and documenting.
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    I am sorry for your anxiety. on the other hand I have had decades of experience with all kinds of schools and they will call you if there is any sign of a problem. Schools don't deal with problems...they run for the phone. Hugs DDD
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    Ditto Tedo on side effects. I hope these medications work out for you, but even if they do, don't let your guard down on side effects/bad reaction.

    For my DD1 the bad stuff didn't start to manifest until after two months and then VERY gradually got worse in the next 4 months. It was so gradual it really took some time to realize it was her medications. It was a different medication, but this can happen with any of these psychiatric medications. Honestly not trying to scare or discourage you. If I could do it all over again, I probably would still put her on that medication (just take her off sooner) because it was AWESOME. It gave my young child insight and understanding into what "normal" was like.

    Sorry about the teacher/mom. Hopefully this is not one of difficult child's direct teachers? If so I would ask for a reassignment. While I get the woman's position and why she did what she did, as difficult child's teacher this is unacceptable and in my opinion difficult child is hating teacher only because she thinks teacher hates her.
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    I know I'm getting here late, school is probably almost over by now, but hope your difficult child's day went smoothly. From personal experience, the school staff didn't return most of my calls unless one of my difficult children was in typical "difficult child" mode or was sick. If you still haven't heard from them, it might be a good sign. Still, it rots that no one can take a couple of minutes to return your call, especially because I'm sure they're aware of how concerned you are.

    As far as side effects, I agree with TeDo. Sometimes it can take awhile before any show up. Like TeDo said, all you can do is wait, and document whatever changes you notice.

    Sorry that this mom/teacher handled the situation in such an insensitive manner. It is sad when teachers who should be role models for our kids, act in inappropriate ways - Certainly doesn't set a good example!

    Thinking of you, hope all is OK... SFR
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    Hope her day is going ok...any calls??? I too am sorry for how the mom told her that. Her daughter may have complained about difficult child and she may have said, well just stay away from her and dont be her friend....people can be unthinking and unkind. I know first hand it is hard to have a kid who puts others off but it is through his difficulties and disability and so it is hard when even the adults dont see that and at least THEY could be more understanding and kind.
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    Wow, that is really unprofessional. I would talk to the principal, esp if this teacher is "whispering" about your daughter!
    What does difficult child stand for?
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    I'd go with no news is good news, but I'm waiting to hear what your difficult child thinks about her day, too.
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    Here's the update from yesterday-
    Teacher said that she was calmer- but still disrespectful ( because we all that a medicine is going to make her stop being disrespectful over night- *eye roll*) I really wanted to reply with- well would you rather her be disrespectful, or slinging papers, chairs and desks around. But I didn't think that would be very nice, so I just did the smile and nod :) Can you tell that I am 100% fed up with her teacher!!
    Principal is taking care of the other issue, with the other teacher. She wasn't very happy about it. And this isn't a child that difficult child would ever be mean to or bully, so who know's. Some people are not very understanding, or kind, and I guess she's showing her true colors on this one!

    difficult child seemed much happier yesterday and counseling went really well. She recommends that we get testing done at the school as soon as possible, and that she's seen alot of the school's waiting until the end of the school year to even start testing. But she said that she was really amazed at how well difficult child vocabulary is for being 7 and thinking it's worth a shot to look into that she may be challenged enough in her classroom.

    The only thing we are noticing with the new medication is that she has had like 9 accidents yesterday, like she couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. So we are going to call Dr and see what she say's.