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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by GinAndTonic, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. GinAndTonic

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    This afternoon I'm meeting with my son's psychiatrist. This is when we find out what the shrink thinks is going on, and what treatment might help. We'll be discussing medication, something I'd been against until recently and still am reluctant to use (for my son, that is, I know it's exactly what some people need, including me in the past).

    We first saw the psychiatrist thinking that difficult child had severe ADHD, but from the questions it sounds like he's leaning towards a diagnosis of mood disorder, too -- which makes sense. My understanding (based mostly on what I've read here!) is that that's much harder to treat mood disorders when there's ADHD involved, too.

    I'm suddenly nervous!
  2. Lulu

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    GOOD LUCK!! (belated) Please let us know how it went.
  3. tiredmommy

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    Hi G&T, sorry I didn't catch this sooner (I have a sick difficult child at home right now). How did the appointment go? And how are you holding up?
  4. GinAndTonic

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    I think my son's shrink has undiagnosed ADD.

    OK, maybe not. But man, it's hard to pin him down -- his conversation is all over the place. It was a weird meeting, with nothing concrete coming out of it. Or at least that's what my husband and I thought at first, but last night we started wondering if actually the whole point had been for the doctor to observe us. In that light, it makes much more sense.

    No diagnosis yet. No treatment plan yet. But the doctor now thinks that maybe difficult child has anxiety, and not severe ADHD!

    This doctor is either insane or brilliant. Maybe both.
  5. Lulu

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    Wow. It must be frustrating to be in the dark still. Do you go back in a week?
  6. GinAndTonic

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    I don't know! (That should be read in a whiny voice.) We haven't set up the next appointment yet.