Wishing all of us a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas...(or holiday season)



Lowering expectations, hoping for the best, wary and praying we won't get the worst. This time of year we all want to disregard the difficult children we have and welcome home the beloved sons and daughters who reside within them...and it's a fine line to walk...

Wishing us all joy, peace, fortitude, and LOVE in the days ahead and especially hoping we all have the opportunity to count our blessings...I know when I count my own blessings, I am counting all of you twice...



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Thank you Signorina, There will be an empty place at our table this holiday. It isn't new and it will be this way for a long time into the future. But I will not dwell on that. I have three beautiful grandkids comming to dinner with their parents tonight. I am excited about giving them thier presents. Am anticipating their smiles and laughter. easy child/difficult child has been sober over a year now. We are thinking about transitioning back into his own place later this winter. We are going to visit extended family in NY and see a show after the holiday. We do have many blessings we just have to make a point to step away from difficult child related sadness and take note. Life does go on in spite of our difficult child's. It is up to us to make a point of living fully and seeing the joy that is comingled with the rest of the stuff we deal with as paents of difficult children. I think most of us in PE are getting better at that. It has been a long journey. Rest and peace is a gift we all would appreciate. Hoping that 2013 is a better year for all of us. Blessings to you and all of us here on CD. -RM


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Perfectly said Sig. I wish the same for you!

RM it's true we need to step back a bit to see what is too hard to see looking up close.

I have many blessings for which I am grateful, and all of you here are among them!


I am beyond grateful for all of you!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!