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    I saw you pop up on another thread, and just wanted to check in.

    How are you doing? How goes the progress with your healing? Have you been able to do any of the exercises, and are you able to be a bit more mobile?

    Hope things are looking up. Please post an update so we know how you've been keeping.

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    Thanks so much for thinking of me!!! The healing process is S L O W!!! I started physical therapy this morning. I'm going to be going twice a week. I'm getting something called ultrasound therapy also. It is supposed to speed up the healing process. I have an appointment with the ortho on Friday morning.

    I'm still supposed to take it easy. I'm allowed to walk a bit, but not much. As soon as I feel any sort of discomfort I'm supposed to stop. It's been over a month since I've been able to run. I think it's going to be a long time before I'll be able to get back to my old exercise routine.

    I took prednisone for twelve days. (Unless it is absolutely 100% necessary, I REFUSE to take any more of it!!!) Although I really don't notice less swelling, the physical therapist said it looks slightly better than it did at my initial evaluation which was over a week ago.

    I need to feel that I have some control over my body. I've been concentrating on healthy eating. I can't believe it, but I'm now between 3-4 lbs. lighter than my goal weight. It's probably just loss of muscle though, lol!!! I can dream though...

    The one thing I've learned during all of this is that it is really important to listen to your body. I used to push myself to run farther, work out harder, etc. and always ignored small signs my body gave me that I needed to slow down. Well, I've learned my lesson the hard way.

    I hope that anyone who reads this will listen to the signals their bodies give them and not over do it, like I did. If this happens, at least I'll feel like my injury served some sort of purpose.

    Trinity, thanks again for thinking of me. I hope you're doing well. I haven't had time to get caught up yet. Well, this is beginning to look like a mini-novel, and difficult child 2 is beginning to "tantrum." Got to go... WFEN
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    I'm glad to hear that you've been able to stop the prednisone and are starting physical therapy. It can make a WORLD of difference to your healing, and the ultrasound treatments do really speed up the process.

    In some ways, overtraining can be as bad for you as not exercising enough. When you don't give your body enough time to heal and rest between workouts you can do damage to your joints and muscle tissue, and even get injured.

    It's great that you're back on the move, but taking it easy is a very good lesson too. I wouldn't be surprised if your weight loss is due to your body finally getting the rest it needs to heal and settle down.

    Thanks for checking in, and keep us posted.
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    Good to hear from you-I've been missing you. I bet the weight loss is the healthy eating and not losing muscle. You are so right about listening to our bodies!
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    Trinity, I don't know anyone who has had ultrasound therapy. I'm glad you told me that it really does speed up the healing process - Have you had ultrasound therapy before or do you know someone who did? I really don't know much about it. I hope you're right about the weight loss as a result of giving my body time to recover and rest.

    Sharon, I've missed you too!!! I hope you're right about the weight loss due to healthy eating and not losing muscle. If you and Trinity are right, it definitely would make my day!!! How long does it take to lose muscle??? I really have no idea...

    Anyway, I still haven't had time to get caught up and it's probably going to be awhile before I can - Lot's of stuff going on around here!!!

    Trinity and Sharon, thanks again for thinking of me. It's good to be back if only for a few minutes. WFEN
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    WFEN, I have had ultrasound therapy a few times over the years, on my knees, elbow and back.

    It worked especially well with my elbow injury, where I was initially told I would never regain full use of the arm. With intense physio, ultrasound treatment, and lots of exercises including resistance band training, I have 100% function and range of motion.

    Whatever exercises they give you in physio, do them diligently. It really helps.
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    I'm glad you now have 100% function and range of motion in your elbow!!! Thanks for the additional information. I'll definitely do EVERY exercise I'm given. I just had my second ultrasound therapy appointment today. So far, I don't notice any difference, but I guess I'm just a bit too impatient, lol!!!

    Thanks again. WFEN