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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I wanted to start something for our Granddaughter that was 'unique' and interesting, and outside of the normal - get insurance, buy a bond, start a savings account. (really a savings account? Even if it's a dollar a day? It will gain interest some day right?)

    So before she was born.....I proposed to my son, my fDIL and my family - and hers (oh lead balloooooooon??? come hither, other Grammy has an idea) lol.

    I have also written this down and had it notarized for a patent - (working on paperwork)

    It's called MY SWEET SIXTEEN letters. In the body of the letter - you start out writing as if the child is not here yet, what the world (IN YOUR WORLD) is like, who was doing what, what you think of Mommy and Daddy, What you think their best traits are, features are ----and strengths and even weaknesses are, across generation - NOTHING about health issues - NOTHING.

    In it is also what I think she may look like when shes grown up, what I think based on all OUR talents and gifts she may have for her own and what MY dreams are for her. Then a couple jokes like - when I'm gone - you get all the jewelry, china and hopefully my dynamite sense of humor....(baaaa dump dat) ----rim shot.

    I put it on a lovely piece of four sheets of paper. AND sealed it - It's in the vault.

    Now what to me is going to be incrediible about it - is that MY MOM wrote her one. In 16 years the reality is that MY Mom will be around 90 years old. So the advice and thoughts and wisdom of TODAY won't be there - as sharp and keen because let's face it - I'm 48 and entering the early stages of dementia - (still working on that hrt)

    But To my horror - her parents didn't like the idea - and wouldn't take the time to talk to a "fetus" who ------(plugs ears and walks away)

    So on her 16th birthday - she'll get my letter, and my Moms, and her Dads......and DF's. So she'll have four very special gifts (not sure if Mom had time, although if she didn't like the idea - she said it was neat) ......and it gives her something to look forward to besides a drivers license - and the MYSTERY of the pre-birth SWEET sixteen letters....will be revealed.

    Nothing in the letters is "difinitive" - nothing states she will be tall, slender, fat, short........but it does talk about being as graceful from the inside as you are on the outside, and values, morals and manners, and respecting yourself as well as others. I did put I thought she would have brown hair and blue eyes. The best of both of her parents.....come what may.

    So just wanted to share since there are so many babies on the board --------like it - hate it - just a thou ght.
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    That's a great idea, you could even put things in each letter about special times you and her had over the past year. Of course she won't remember from when she's so little, but it would be neat for her to have.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    No-----they were sealed BEFORE she was born......

    BUT..........(smiling) I LOVE the idea of a letter every year - maybe journal style. GREAT IDEA UAN. HUGS
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    Star...that is neat. When Jamie was supposed to be deployed before I got so sick and they released him from the Marines, he bought birthday cards for Hailie and signed them and left them here with me so that if anything should have happened to him over there, I could send her a card from him every year.
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    I wish my mom had thought of doing that for me, and I wish I had thought of doing that for my daughter. That is a great idea, and I hope your patent is approved!
    When my kids were preparing for Confirmation, our parish required them to go for instruction and preparation twice a month for about 4 months. One interesting hw assignment was that we as parents individually had to write a letter to our child, seal it and give it to the person in charge of religious instruction. It was to just basically reflect on their childhood, adolescence and their importance to our family. The kids got the same assignment in reverse. They had to write confidential letters to each of their parents individually reflecting on their love and appreciation of their parents. We each received our letters about a week before Confirmation. It was very moving.
    Your idea is sensational.
  6. Hound dog

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    Honestly, I think it's a great idea. I know now with husband gone, the grandkids would have cherished opening something written to them from him later when they're older. The only ones with any real memories of him will be Darrin and Aubrey. Katie's kids spent very little time with him and well the other grands are just so young they just really won't remember.

    So while it's a really good idea under usual circumstances, it's even better should for some reason a family member pass on along the way. A way for that family member to share in a major life event too. :)
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well 8 thumbs up makes me feel lots better - I had to laugh - with all the rain - and all the natural disasters I've been through? I went back and put that letter in a waterproof baggie. If we do float away? It will be like a message in a ziplock.
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    Star, you can also do her baby book online because trust me, her parents wont. I actually started Keyana's and got halfway through it and forgot about it...lmao.

    Oh and exciting news here. Kenzie has started walking.
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    Janet, I love the new nickname for McKenzie. Keyana and Kenzie. The names sound so lovely together.

    And Star, another vote from me that it's a great idea. I often write letters to my children and mail them. They all love getting mail, and seem touched to read my thoughts (when they would squirm with embarrassment if I told them in person). Little easy child has kept every last one of his and has them in his desk drawer. The Monsterz don't read yet, but I hope they will enjoy them when they learn.