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    Could someone please define all of the acronyms used in these threads? Or, if not, would people please write out the words? I haven't the slightest idea what some people are talking about. Thanks.
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    If you click on Forum, under Site Help and Resources, you will see the Board Abbreviation/Acronym thread. Read that thru - about 2 pgs. and I think you'll see all the abbreviations. Also, if you're reading a post and someone uses one of the acronyms, if you hover your cursor over the acronym, the translation appears there.
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    Yes, if on a computer you will see the terms underlined and when you put your cursor over it, the definition pops up. It does help to read the list though. You will catch on quickly then.....

    But if anyone ever says something you can't find just ask. No one here would hesitate to help!
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