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    Just dont know how to start helping my son, he's had problems since he ran away and start living with his dad and there after he has gone down hill with everything, tryd to get him evaluated while in school but that got blown out of porportion,his father is trying to declare him mentally crazy, and he wants me to take over his disability check, my husband now dont want to deal with it because i lost everything dealing with the Police behind him, he is living on the streets and in and out of jail and the family is always asking me have i seen my son and i need to get my family in order, i myself am schizoaffective and its to much to go after.....it shames me and bothers me as a mother....WHAT SHOULD I DO?
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    Welcome to the board donna


    Could you provide us with some background information? It would better help us to help you.

    What is your son's age?

    Does he have a diagnosis?

    Is he or has he been treated?

    First of all, it shouldn't shame you. We all do the best we can with what we know at the time. Life is an ongoing learning process. Your being here tells me how much you care and that you're trying to help your son as best you can.
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    Just a general thought without knowing the specifics of your situation: you can only control yourself and you have to take care of your health and well-being first. I'm assuming your son is an adult, in which case there is little you actually can do. Lots of people will finger-point and blame you for his problems and mistakes, but they don't understand what it's like to have a troubled adult child. You found a great place here where many people have experienced the same things and understand what you are going through. Your son's actions and behaviors are HIS responsibility, not yours. If you could control him, then obviously he would be acting perfectly.
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    From the title of your post, I take it your son is 22 years old and he is now homeless. If he is receiving a disability check it also appears he needs a payee on that check and his father is sick and tired of being that payee. I seriously doubt they are going to allow you to be that payee if you are getting disability for your diagnosis and your son is still homeless because you wont have the ability to keep up enough contact with him. That is probably why his father wants off as payee.

    I would let his father and social security deal with it. I am sure you are worried about your son but hopefully he will figure it out.

    Welcome to the site.