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    Can you have withdrawl from weed? I mean, if you're a chronic smoker? I know that weed comes with all kinds of goodies packed in nowadays (crack, meth, etc.) - so maybe it makes it worse.

    My daughter's in jail right now and seems like she's almost going through withdrawl, but won't admit to heavier use - though we suspect it, and doesn't see how she can have withdrawl from weed.
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    No idea. My solution for that would be to google it and see what comes up. Could be she's been lying to you about the drug use.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    Oh my yes, Google is a friend. I found out a LOT about MJ addiction/withdrawl symptoms. Sounds pretty dead on. If I had to wager, I'd say she was also using other drugs - but MJ is her doctor for sure, and I'd put her in the class of "addicted" too. Thanks for the link I'm going to check that out too, and print some of this stuff for her.
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    All I know is that husband used marijuana daily for symptoms of illness. (Not legal, but recommended). He experienced no withdrawal symptoms beyond an increase in pain levels and loss of appetite.

    BUT, this was many years ago and he was using medicinally. The weed also came from a private grower and was not "cut" with any type of additives.

    The grower was an older gentleman with MS and he used to help control symptoms.

    I DO now that the medical person who brought up the issue of using marijuana for sx specifically advised against getting weed off the street because, you "never know what's in it these days".

    I should think that someone who is regularly smoking weed cut with other addictive substances would experience withdrawals from those substances. In addition, studies on users of modern marijuana have shown addictive properties to the weed itself.

    I know that years ago, husband commented that the weed he was using was MUCH stronger than what he remembered from his youth. I understand that nowadays it is much stronger even.

    husband was also not taking enough weed (he did not smoke it) to get "high" from it. He used enough to allay his symptoms.
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    I don't have any answers, just a hug. Sorry you're dealing with thiis.
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    Sorry you are worrying about this. Honestly I would expect if she is suffering from withdrawals that you actually can notice, it is some other drug or she is attempting to manipulate you. Did she also smoke cigs? That would be harder to give up cold turkey trust me.
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    I know from experience that there is withdrawal from cigarettes. I also know at the substance abuse residential programs they refer to the hard adjustment period for new patients. Whether it is physical or emotional I would guess she would be having a hard time. Facing a grim reality without any way to soothe your emotional upheaval would be difficult, at best. DDD
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    I know that for some whatever they were smoking it for, say anxiety etc. They can experience worsening of those SX. Even if it is their minds.
    I know pot can cause anxiety but it can also make it worse when you stop or depression as well.
    Because the person is smoking it most likely as an escape sometimes having to deal with reality leaves you with withdrawal like SX. Or worsening of SX.
    Growing up in SF I have had a lot of friends and friends parents who used legally and illegally. I know a lot of doctor's will say there is no withdrawals.