withholding difficult child's truck


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I tryed calling my difficult child at work yesterday, and was put on hold for 28 min. I don't know if he was aware it was me and wouldn't pick up or if he thought I was one of the many bill collectors after him.He is very mad at me because I wouldn't let him take his truck when he moved out. Truck is in his and ex's(not dad) name. Loan is payed up until 12/07 ( cause mom handled his bills)but tags were about to expire, I have been paying insurance. He bought the truck 2 yrs ago and put 5k of his own money down. I can't and won't pay for his insurance anymore especially since he's out of house and not paying his bills....I told him if he pays off truck so ex's name is off it he can have it back(3k) or they can sell it, just so ex's names off title.I called lawyer...she said ex is responsible if he get's into accident with no insurance.One big reason for the divorce was due to great conflict over difficult child. I know it's his truck, I just can't let him get other people in trouble if he does something illegal with it.


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Legally, it's not his truck. If it were, your ex's name wouldn't be on the title. So, you are doing the right thing for your ex. If ex can get his name off the title, then it becomes your son's truck and his responsibility but not before then.

I recently sold a car to a neighbor. I filed a statement of no liability with the State. He got pulled over for no tags and no insurance. They impounded the car. I got a call from the storage company asking for the money. So, even though I was no longer the owner, had done everything I was supposed to do and thought my neighbor had done everything he was supposed to do, I was still responsible for the vehicle because he had not changed the title as he should have. I found out that if he'd been in an accident, I would have been held responsible. As it is, the storage company is keeping the car and will sell it at auction. Works for me.


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Sell the truck. Let difficult child use the money (since he put money on it ) to get a decent running cash paid truck. You do NOT want to be responsible for difficult child in a vehicle!! Trust me, my difficult child had a head - on with on older couple in his first truck. He ran my car without oil and transmission fluid, he flipped husband's car upside down and left it in the ditch.

:hammer: After mths of him "pretending" to change I went in with his grandparents to buy him another car ~ he burned up the motor!

Sell the truck!