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    How did husband's party go? Wasn't this the party asked about before- about how many friends and if they drink too much?
  2. witzend

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    Thanks for asking, it went really well. We spent the afternoon decorating the room, and L and M and a couple of friends helped. We turned a cinderblock very long bar and meeting room overstuffed with giant screen tv's and lit with fluorescent into an Island Paradise with cute palm trees and beach scenes covering the tv's, and lit the room with tiny white christmas lights strung from the ceiling. Thanks to Star who suggested the theme "Hawaii Five-0" for the 50th B-Day theme! The invite went out with a very serious Jack Lord telling Dan-O to "Book the Date, Dan-O! It's A's B-Day!"

    We had a very good band that played rock and roll for us oldsters. Lots of Santana and Eagles and that type of music. About half of us danced. (Of course Miss L. had to go tell them that she felt that they should play R&B several times, but I told them to ignore her. Only L would think that she could decide that she knew what we wanted and try to ram it down everyone's throat...) We had a good turn out. I guess probably around 50 or so, equally divided between co-workers, neighbors & various friends. His brother & wife showed, but that was it from his family. No one got too out of control and I have a few cases of wine leftover. I guess we'll get around to drinking it eventually. ;) There was only a very little cake leftover, and the rest of the food went. I forgot to bring the green salad with us, so we have our work cut out for us there. It doesn't keep nearly as well as wine!

    husband was very happy with his gathering. I made a little speech and told everyone that I'd been so busy that week that I had forgotten to get his card but that was ok because AARP had sent him one. :D Nothing fancy, but a good time was had by all.

    L is supposed to come over to our house for bunco tonight, and if she says something about the band husband is to tell her "I chose the band because that is what I wanted. When you have your 50th birthday and spend half your budget on the band you can choose the band that you want." GRRR.... She really has no limits.
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    That soulds like a great time!! I love the theme and your comment about the card from AARP! I'm glad you both enjoyed it- that's what counts- L can put a CD in and use headphones. :D
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    Wow, Witz. husband is a lucky man.

    I'm glad it went so well and that a good time was had by all.

    L? Really nothing shocking there, unfortunately.
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    Sounds like a blast and the music sounds like it was perfect!
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    It sounds like the party was wonderful. Glad that everything went off so smoothly, and that the group had so much fun.