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    my dad called today. He wanted to chat. I think he is lonely because my mom is on a trip and Wiz is in school all day and working in the afternoon.

    Gpa was very very surprised when Wiz decided to take the machine shop class. but today he remembered that I liked it, my gfgbro liked it, my uncle (younger than dad) really liked it but had a problem because my bro and I were better at it than he was. My dad's dad was a machinist. So Wiz got it naturally we figure.

    Anyway, Wiz is in the machine shop class. Dad got copies of the reference books that his dad used (still widely used in that profession - even the same edition from way back then). Wiz was thrilled to get steel toed shoes!

    Wiz has a JOB!!!!!!! I was a bit worried about it, because it seems boring, but he is enjoying carrying groceries. works for 3 hours on school days and 6 on the weekend. if he stays at this grocery store he will be able to learn other positions in the future.

    Wow, my kid is old enough to get a job, motivated enough to get a job, GOT A JOB and is ENJOYING IT.

    Seriously strange to think about WIZ this way.

    I am so glad my parents were able to finally get through to him and he can enjoy them and all this typical teen stuff now. It took a LONG time, but I am all teary thinking aobut how it used to be and how far he has come and how it is now.

    My G-D!!! My child LIKES doing stuff with me - he even talks about the day we went to the book sale as one of the best days he had all summer!!!

    Did ANYONE thing Wiz would come this far? He still is very Aspie in many ways, but it is FUN now. For a long time I thought we would be dealing with jail now, not jobs and school and a real FUTURE!!!

    Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way. We found something to help him and get through to him, and with-o all of you we wouldn't have - and I really think with-o the support and advice you all gave in the last few years, one of us might be dead. (For those who were not around then, Wiz was very very violent and tried to kill my daughter several times - also tried to hurt me and husband and himself many times. We really thought he was going to kill someone.) You helped us find the way through the mess to NOW.

    And NOW is pretty dang fantabulous!!! Jessie is doing well, thank you is doing well, and WIZ is doing well. What more can a mom want??
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    What a great post! You have so much to be proud of! So many would have given up, but you stayed the course!

    Great Job to Mom, Wiz, GPa & GMa and the whole "fam-damily!!!"""


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    Great news!:D So glad things are going so well.
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    This was the best post to read! It is so great that Wiz has come so far-you have every reason to be one proud mama:D Thanks for sharing such a great update-it gives me hope!
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    Thanks for the update Susie. It's wonderful to hear how well Wiz is doing. It gives me hope.
    You must be so proud.
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    I think only the people here can understand how amazing it is to be able to post this. The road was very long and full of trauma for all of us.

    And now, he is almost 17 and has a real future - and the ability to WORK in ways we were pretty sure would only be something we DREAMED of for him! School, job, machinist training, and he is planning on working as a machinist to pay for college!!


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    After ALL you have been through with Wiz - I can't think of a mom who deserves this more. WHAT a complete turn around. AND A JOB....(auntie faints)

    I AM SO PROUD OF WIZ!!!!!!!!!
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    That is so wonderful. So glad he found what he needed to get things turned around.