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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Jun 10, 2008.

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    easy child has sworn me to secrecy, but I've just got to spread the word or burst!!!

    easy child has just found out she's pregnant!!! Two at home tests came back with instant strong positives!! Her fam doctor/ ob has done a blood test to confirm, but we won't get those results for a couple of days. Although I'm sure it will show the same.

    Poor girl has been trying for three years to get pregnant again after Darrin. Two years ago had the miscarriage. She had just reached the point of believing God didn't intend for her to have another child.

    easy child is thrilled but scared to death. Can't say I blame her. She probably won't get over the nerves til past the first trimester. At the moment mum's the word. I'm the only one who knows.

    She has a big deal planned for delivering the news to the family. Father's Day is sunday of course. This evening she took a picture of Darrin holding the positive tests, wearing his "I'm the Big Brother" tee shirt to frame for sister in law , and both grandpa's for their father's day presents.

    Darrin won't be given the news til way down the road. He took the loss of the last pregnancy hard. (odd for a 3 yr old) And still asks easy child if his baby is in heaven. So she doesn't want to raise his hopes just yet.

    I've thought for a couple of weeks easy child was pregnant. I tried to get her to test last week and she wouldn't because she figured it would just come up neg and she'd be disappointed again.

    So, I'm gonna be a grandma again. :happyguy::beautifulthing:
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    Oh Lisa.....Im so happy for you...and her of course! Im a great board auntie...teeheehee!
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    So very happy for both of you!!:D
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    Congratulations Grandma!

    I'm thrilled for her, and for you too!
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    That IS wonderful news! Congratulations! Love the Father's Day present idea!
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    Great news!!!!! So glad you could share it with us........enjoy this time......
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    Absolutely wonderful news :)


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    Congratulations Lisa and easy child. What wonderful news!

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    Wonderful news!
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    CONGRATULATIONS to easy child!!! And, congratulations to you too!!! I was about to sign out when I saw your post. Thanks for the exciting news this morning!!! WFEN
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    Babies are great.
  12. gcvmom

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    I promise not to tell!

    Congratulations :D What a wonderful thing!
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    Congrats!!! Enjoy the new baby.

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    Wonderful!! Congrats! You just must be pee-your-pants excited!!! :D
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    Congratulations!!! I always love it when SOMEONE else is having a baby!
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    Congrats to all of you!
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