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  1. mom23gsfg

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    a few things that my sons doctors dismiss,what could it be?
    first my son was diagnosed with adhd
    now they are saying mood disorder,odd,and borderline mr

    i have asked about autism traits...they say no since he is not "really scary good at anything"
    but,most days he seems like a "normal" kid,others he is like all full of hate ,others he seems depressed....that explains the moods for me
    but this i do not understand
    on most days he seems like he is nomal for most of the day and even mature
    and somtimes during the day its like he goes into his "own world",acts immature for his age ,rolls his eyes into his head,and makes strange noises,stutters when speaking and will say things and later say he didn't ,or if i tell him something he will say i said something else...also he seems paranoid during these times...like he thinks you are talking about him even if youre not saying a word
    but this never lasts its just for a few moments ...but the periods seem to get closer together
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    He could be having seizures. I would get him to a neurologist right away.
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    I agree with BBK that your son might be having seizures.
    With regard to autism traits, not all autistics are "scary good" at things.

    In addition to the neurologist, I would strongly recommend a neuropsychologist evaluation for your son. They do extensive testing which can pinpoint issues your child is having that might not show up in other forms of testing.

    All the best,
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    Not wanting to sound rude or anything, but who in heck is Dxing your son -- a neighbor or friend? I really can't imagine any professional using the term "scary good" nor using that as a criteria to decide if someone is on the autistic spectrum.

    The rolling of the eyes and spacing out does sound like some sort of s seizure.

    I'd say it is time to get a serious evaluation by someone who truly knows what they are doing, preferably a neuropsychologist.
  5. mom23gsfg

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    this diagnoses and the wording of "scary good"is coming from the doctor at the hospital (mental facility)where my son is at...hopefully he gets to come home tomorrow so i can start on getting some real answers
  6. gcvmom

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    Ditto with getting seizures ruled out. Find a pediatric neurologist, preferably one at an epilepsy center. The rolling of the eyes, babbling, spacing out, all sound like a type of seizure. AND the mood issues can also be caused by seizures.

    I recommend charting these "episodes" for a few weeks if you can. Here's a site that has a seizure diary feature that you can use to chart events:


    The site runs a little slow, but the info and resources are really good.

    We just found out my husband has been having seizures for the past five years -- you just never know! His EEG was normal and his first MRI had such a subtle anomaly it got completely missed until we had a very specialized neurologist look at it last month.

    Trust your instincts because you know your child best. Keep pressing for answers until you are satisfied!