wonders never cease....at work

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    As some of you know I sent my stalker's wife a copy of his love'letter to me. I sent it to her job, if he can send it to ME atwork without repricussions, it must be fine to do. The joke is on me. I was called down to the person in charge of the "investigation". He said that I harrassed her by doing that. WHAT? I had that exact letter sent to ME, plus a multitude of other harrassing things and that was all fine.

    The union rep from another building was there at tne meeting and he's waiting for a call back so I can talk to a lawyer or take the next step.

    They told me she can sue me. Really, then I can certainly sue them. Oh tney said she was upset at work, (wait I was too) they said I can't send that to her job. HELLO, I got it at my job.

    Can people really be this?

    I'm on it.
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    Good Grief! I don't "know you" from a hole in the head but your choice of action seems logical to me as a fellow human being. I'm on your side. Just don't get psyched out. Hugs. DDD
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    Interesting double-talk.
    But of course... you don't DO that stuff to a principal.
    You're "just" front-end staff, which doesn't count. (not in my eyes, but often these big systems behave that way to front end staff... in health, education, government...)

    Go for it.... do whatever it takes to stand up for yourself.
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    *eyeroll* You tell the union rep you didn't appreciate getting it from her husband either? Open investigation my fanny.
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    The wife is in a different district, but it's too late now. I know it was immature. But the one good thing is that theyswitched my duties back to where I don't see him. They were so adamant that I had to do those exact duties did this change their minds? Or did they see my email on Sat. to the union rep where I said I wanted to talk to a union lawyer? I hate to make waves, I certainly didn't think he would tell on me for his letter. I feel bad that I made myself look like a bad person.
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    Having gone through this insanity myself with the harassment and work garbage, I don't ever expect justice at any work place. I doubt I'll ever want a job again after going through similar chit that you are. It's not fair, but it doesn't matter. It's pretty much who has the power. Lawyers can't even help much. I"ve been told that from lawyers...lol.
    I hope that since you ARE union, they CAN help you.

    I do think that next time, best not to send anything to wifey. After all, this isn't her fault, other than her husband is a slobby jerk. Or else send it to her at home if you feel she should know about w hat her husband does.

    Good luck. I hope you prevail here.
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    I was worried when you said you did that. Not that I thought it was wrong to tell her. Just the system. I worry for your job because they just will want the problem to go away and that guy is tenured and she is admin.
    I hope they are fair. I just have little faith.
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    If they try to come after you, then they have no choice but to go after him. I'd throw ten shades of hissy fit if they tried not to. Make sure when you talk to the lawyer, you mention all they told you when it came to you sending ONE letter to her as opposed to all the junk you've put up with from him.


    I hope he caught all sorts of hell after wifey read that letter. If he'd been Fred........he'd have been skinned alive. lol