Won't shut up! No medicine yesterday and she was beyond chatty.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by allhaileris, Dec 18, 2012.

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    I got home from work yesterday, daughter pulled me into her room saying she wanted to talk. I sat down and she just talked, yack yack yack about nothing important. That's fine. But then it kept going on, I found out she didn't have her medicine (first week of Winter break, schedule was off). She continued to talk through dinner, through somebody else watching TV, and sat there humming while playing a video game. At one point when we were eating dinner I had to flat out tell her to shut up. At least she was being nice-ish throughout the entire night.

    So now I know what happens when she doesn't get her medications, now that she's used to them and all. Geez. She was more than happy to take her pill this morning.
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    Now SHE knows what happens when she doesn't take her medications.
    Maybe this was a lucky break... if kids see the real benefits of medications (and the side effects are not too bad for them), they tend to be more medications compliant.

    And be thankful that her off-medications behaviour is "hyperactivity of the jaw" rather than certain other behaviors... not that this one doesn't drive you crazy (been there done that... ;) ) but it's better than rages!