Woo hoo! Great family mtng with-soc wkr ... bonus ... cousin is being placed on Namenda

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    We had a full house mtng today, because I called someone on the bd of dir, to ask him the diff between policy and day-to-day activity. I really wanted to know why so many things were falling through the cracks. (Embarrassingly for me, I left a msg on his ofc ph, and he picked up his msgs on vacation. He was in Venice, having a martini and nuts, with-kids underfoot. Arrrgh. He said not to worry, he likes doing it this way so he doesn't get bombarded when he returns from vacation. I just hate bothering people on vacation.) He explained a few things and insisted there wasn't a $ problem, and when I commented on the activity levels during the state inspection, that dropped the day after the state wkrs left, he said that there is a diff of opinion between what the state wants and what the biz wants, and what the biz considers efficiency and how to do it. I could really get into that politically and philosophically, but kept my ph call to the overall picture and how it affected the daily activities, especially in relation to my cousin.

    Anyway, he called the pres, who showed up at the mtng with-the psychologist, physician's assistant, soc wkr, phys therapist, head nurse, and P, my cousin.

    This is the first time she's attended one of her own mtngs.

    We covered the most important things first, such as, has P reached her limit in PT? Yes. This is the best she can get, and she will be on pain medications forever. However, she does need exercise every day, and a lot of mental activity and socializing.

    Is she ready for assisted living? Maybe. They suggested a smaller conv and rehab ctr that she might like better, and I told them we were on the waiting list. I am also on a waiting list for a really nice assisted living ctr. P is right on the cusp between assisted living and convalescent care. It's a tough call.

    I'd like her to be in assisted living, and hire in the extra svcs.

    One of the problems is that there are competing companies, and they all want your biz. Assisted living will tell P that she's doing great since she can walk to the drinking fountain by herself. Conv. care will tell her that she won't get immediate attention or good pain mgmt in assisted living.
    Both true. How to decide ...

    Cousin spoke quite a bit and was alert. However, she did digress a lot, and repeated herself. Her idea of what she is capable of and our ideas do not mesh. While the pres was asking her if she could live in her own apt and take her own pain medications, she said yes, plus, she wanted a cat. The head nurse and I are shaking our heads "no," trying not to let her see us. The PT finally said that a cat would be dangerous and she would trip over it, a very well taken point, since I have tripped over my own pets numerous times, and if I were 82 yrs old and weighed 90 lbs and on medications, I'd be toast.

    After the mtng, I was wheeling P back to her rm, and one of the nurses said to me, softly as we passed by, "Dr K has placed an order for P to be placed on Namenda."

    Woo hoo!

    I tried for this b4, but the staff psychiatric only did a cursory Alzheimer's test and I was very unhappy with-it.
    Anyway, fingers crossed.
    I don't know which direction this will go but at least we're all on the same page now.
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    Well well well.... don't we know how to light a little fire under someone's backside? Good job! Personally, I'd push for assisted living if there's any chance that P can function. You may want to consider a facility that has progressive units: assisted living, nursing home and dementia unit. P would be transitioned to each level as deemed necessary.
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    Maybe she'll choose the place that has the resident cat? My great uncle was in a nursing facility that had one. I thought it was very sweet.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's great news :) by the way, difficult child 2 has been on Namenda for about 6 months now and it has helped with his memory issues.
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    Good Job!!! Don't feel bad about calling the guy on vacation. He didn't have to pick up messages from Venice! This was his CHOICE, not your demand.

    I am glad that you are now on the same team. I think it is shady the way the home changed for the time the state was visiting and then went back to their old ways of corner cutting as soon as the state left. It is a CLEAR sign that the biz people KNOW they are NOT doing what is expected of them. Hopefully P will be out of there very soon. You can report the change in care when the state was there after P leaves if you want to do that.

    One really nice thing about an assisted living with different levels of care is that if she at some point ends up in a more care section it does NOT have to be forever. If she gets better they will move her up - not just keep her at the more care level if it isn't needed anymore. My Gma was in a nursing home level of care section for a few months to a year at a time and when she improved she got to move to the more independent area if she wanted to. It was nice to be able to see her become more independent after her health would spiral down for a while.

    I know it is very stressful to handle all of this. You are doing an awesome job!
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    Thank you all.
    I'm certainly learning a lot.
    Yes, I'd like graduated care, too. We're on several waiting lists.
    It all depends upon what opens first, and how the dental work goes. The on-site dr ordered an EKG and CBC last night, b4 he will give the okay for dental surgery. Of course, the tech showed up just when the new companion showed up to interview P. And I had made a manicure appointment for her 2 hrs later, and it all got pushed later and later. It was a 3-ring circus. I am not answering the ph tomorrow.