WOO HOO no huge disasters at Easter and believe me, it was close!

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    So my dear sisters decided NOT to do the egg hunt that was actually stressing all of the kids out over the past few years. They are all old enough anyway they can do other things. Q did well eating visiting then around 5 he started pushing me a little saying I couldn't come on a walk or he would do this and that to me. He went on a walk with my sister and did ok (she said he started blurting whenever someone walked by, he seemed anxious at those moments to her....he is always afraid of "bad guys").

    He came back and while in the living room a large group of them were trying to watch tv and he started blurting, they started arguing back (my sister who was in the kitchen said about my youngest sister, she will never learn...sigh. I put my coat on got my purse went int he living room and my sisters actually got the hint to LEAVE so he had no audience and didn't panic. I said since he was having a hard time he had to take his medication or leave with me now. he threatened me but took it and then asked if he could calm down could he stay till 7. I said can I see you trying your calming tools? he did some deep breathing and turned the whole thing around!!!!

    I went back and we played some hysterical new games (wish I could remember the name, so so fun) and laughed our heads off and he did NOT FLIP OUT with the noise! He even came and gently hugged me and asked for more food etc.

    by the way he weighed himself at my sisters and it said 126. that is 13 lbs up since two months ago! I dont know if her scale is right but holy cow. I know he grew an inch too....I am looking in his eyes almost equally now.

    7 came and HE got everything and went out to the car. he forgot something as we drove away and nicely asked if I could go get it so DUH OF COURSE I did! He went in, got it, we drove left overs to my mom and now came home and he took a shower and is getting ready what he wants to wear for his school visit tomorrow!

    YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!! I sure needed a day like this!\

    So how did your day go???
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    {{happy hugs}}
    Buddy... you're gonna make it. He'll have to transition yet, but... he is LEARNING skills. He and you WILL be able to do this... and come out the other side intact and sane.

    I hear you, though - it REALLY helps to get a day like this once in a while, just to "prove" that there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

    So glad your sister(s) caught on this time...
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    Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!
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    Happy to hear your news!!
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    I'm so happy for you! You needed a day like this.
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    Buddy -- there's your light in the tunnel!!! He can learn to do this. You have some hard work and tough days ahead of you -- but this is such an amazing sign that he is learning, that he does want to get better -- and it sounds like at least 1 sister is getting better too :)
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    Excellent news! Happy you had a good Easter! SFR
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    Buddy, you so deserved this day!! WOW and YAY for Q!!! He did great. And for at least one of your sisters finally starting to "get it" I hope the school visit goes as well today. Although, I would expect that his anxiety will be through the roof. It is so much better when you can see it coming and understand why. Hugs for continued good days.
  10. Congratulations!! Sounds like you had a great day!! Very happy for you.
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    :hapydancsmil:doing the happy dance for you! You deserved a nice holiday. So glad for you.
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    I am joining in the happy dance for you! You so deserve a day like this, and I hope you get more and more of them. YAY!!!!
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    Thanks everyone!