Woohoo! Sold my extra computer!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Now I can breathe a little easier about making my Christmas trip!

    ... and somebody got a darned good deal! About a year ago I bought a brand new HP laptop, a very nice one, for $600. I only had the thing for about two months when it got a really nasty virus that I couldn't fix. Probably shouldn't have but I went right out that same day and bought another one just like it (and a different antivirus)!! I've been using the new one all this time and the other one was just sitting there. I had thought of having it repaired and selling it but, because I live alone, I hated the thought of having people come over to look at it. So it just sat there. A new computer repair shop just opened in the little town 20 miles from here so I finally took it in to see about having it repaired and he offered to salvage all my pictures that were on it, repair it and sell it from his shop on consignment for me, minus his repair costs. I figured it would take a while to sell because they told me that people mainly come in there looking for bargain prices on cheap computers and it's already been there about a month.

    So today I had to drive to that town to buy dog food and when I drove by the computer store, I noticed that there was a VERY nice car parked in their parking lot! REALLY nice! I drove the twenty miles home and had just gotten through the door when the phone started ringing! It was the computer repair shop! He said that he had just sold my computer and had a check waiting for me! And now I have to make another trip back there to get the check but I do not care! Anyone who could afford to drive that fancy car could afford to buy that computer! It may not seem like such a big deal but money is tight since I retired and I had been scrimping and saving and worrying about having enough to make it to S. Carolina to spend Christmas with my daughter, sister in law and grandson this year! The check will be enough to cover the rental car, the gas, and the cost to board my happy little dog family while we're gone! Every little bit helps and now I can't stop smiling!
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    I'm delighted for you Donna. Why not have the man mail you the check and save the time/money of driving over there? My husband bought a laptop about a year ago and it is sitting in the closet collecting dust. I've been waiting for the "right time" to suggest selling it. I understand the tight money issue..darn it! Glad the trip is a "go". Hugs. DDD
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    I told him I would come and get it - he also has a disk that he put all my pictures on before he wiped the hard drive and reloaded all the programs and I have to get that too. He did come down a little on the price he was originally asking for it but I was afraid it wouldn't sell at all. I may take my old desk top in and have him fix it and try to sell that one too. It's an older one but my computer-genius sister in law had just jacked it all up for me and doubled the memory before that one little "pop" from a power serge got it. I think it can easily be fixed though.
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    AWESOMELY GOOD NEWS!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! and .....if you please -------waive as you go by again! lol! :=)
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    ps......I am sooooooo digging the construction October calendar boys....roflm biscuits off.
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    Star, those are GIRLS!!! They're Tula and Tori, mother and daughter! And sadly, their "dad", Brian, has decided that he's not going to do another calendar this year.

    And every year I wave as I go through your town!