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  1. I keep meaning to come here and post these profound words ... words of inspiration, words of encouragement, words to help heal the heart and the mind. Somehow, those words don't come easy once I sit at the keyboard. This board has been there for me when I was going through some pretty rough times (last winter) and you guys are incredible! Your support through the keyboard meant more than you can know. Thank you all for being so kind. I haven't been around much as there have been many changes in my life since then. I'm no longer in car sales... *sigh* ... and after staying at home for a few months, we discovered that everyone was happier with me at home. Having been too busy for much of anything while in the car industry for over 2 years, I had a lot of spring cleaning to do ... still have to work on the basement but hey, summer's here and the sun is shining.. I'm enjoying being at home with and for my family... hubby is much more pleasant... difficult child is enjoying life more now... he doesn't always feel like he's walking on eggshells with husband cuz mom's here to help buffer... my garden is beautiful this year and I actually get to enjoy it... Life is so wonderful and precious.... just like all of you.. Take care and may you all find peace and contentment in your world!
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    That is wonderful.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
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    Gosh...can I move in? The thought of having a garden makes me salivate.

    Enjoy your peace. Glad you checked in.

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    What an uplifting post to read! Thank you for sharing.