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    or something like that...

    ‎"Don’t focus on the one guy who hates you. You don’t go to the park and set your picnic (basket) down next to the only pile of dog 'poop.'" (From "xxxx My Father Says"

    A friend suggested this site to me on FB and there are many although somewhat 'off color,' interesting, FUNNY and wise thoughts to be found there!

    Anyone watching that show of the same name? I kinda like it.

    I REALLY like this quote though. How often do we discover ourselves concentrating on the person or circumstance that is a 'downer' when the truth be told there are many things and many people all around us who are helpful and delightful!!! Yep, I chose to concentrate on the good stuff and the good people.

    Love it! :D

    Have a great day everyone! :D
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    I bought the book for H over the summer and we both read it within two days! It's a fast read and really quite hilarious! I haven't watched the show, though I like Shatner and always think he's funny. When is it on? And on what station? When it comes to tv I'm pretty much out of the loop, except for Thursdays.