working from home ? gimic?

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    i was just wondering if anyone has ever tried doing the work at home on the net....ive been recieving alot of emails from different ones and some of them sound pretty good until they tell you they want any where between $50-$150 to get you started. and i really want to start working again but, with all the things going on right now id be fired within 2 days, what with calls from the school, doctors, and ect.... so maybe they think they have found a sucker ?:sheepish:
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    I would be very leery of this type of work. It is great in theory and I do think there are reputable online jobs, but think they start with an actual office where you can see the place is legit......tread carefully.....
    I think you need to be very disciplined to do this type of work and make sure everything gets done on time. Good luck!
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    There was an article on regarding work at home situations and it said (what I can remember) that NONE of the work at home legitimate businesses ask for money to start up your career. NONE.

    Google work at home scams and see if some of the ones you are coming up with are those.

    There are a lot of businesses that USE stay at home mom's for their business, but it's not stuffing envelopes or anything like that- some route their customer service calls through to your home and you just work from the conveninence of your desk. I dont' have a clue which ones they are - maybe you can check out some of the stay at home mom web sites and see if you can get a lead there.

    Hope this helps.