Worried about 11 year old son

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by 1tiredmama, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Ok this is my son with no known issues but I am a little concerned and thinking of taking him to counseling. He wants to do well in school and everything he does but when he gets upset or frustrated he will bang his head to his desk or the wall, he always says he hates himself and how stupid he is. I was thinking it is hormones but now I am wondering if it is an attention thing because sometimes he does it when he get the answer of no, he starts in on how I am ruining his life etc etc. It is just getting to the point of is there something wrong with him or are all tweens moody and depressed like?
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    Hi 1TM,

    This forum is for the younger set so I'm going to move this thread over to our General Forum. Please look for responses there. :)
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    You're right to be worried... I remember telling my parents they were ruining my life whenever I didn't get what I wanted. I think I started that about 13. It's embarrassing now!

    If he is actively hurting himself (banging head), get him counseling. If he is seeing your other child getting a lot of attention due to ADHD, that may be part of it.

    My signature used to have "easy child" for difficult child 2. I realized that even the most easy child - easy child is a difficult child sometimes...
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    what is easy child?
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    easy child = perfect child, this child just has "normal" issues and problems and isn't resistant to parenting.