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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mog, Sep 20, 2010.

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    I was so excited about this new job but now I am really worried. I took a cut in pay which I thought would be okay but I am not getting very many hours. I only had 59 hours for the last pay period. When they said that we leave early if we get finished with patients I thought ok most offices are running late so it will be more like getting out on time for a change.. They did not tell me that they have separated from a big practice to be on their own and they really do leave when they are done with patients for the day. We were told this morning that Wednesday we will leave at 1 and off this Thursday and next Thursday. I think that he is a really nice guy but I'm not sure that I am going to make enough to pay my mortgage. My husband is on SSI so his income do not change and they have garnished his disability to pay back the overpayment since we have NOT actually gotten it. UGH I don't know what to do..it took so long to get this job. Any advise?????
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    Hey! I guess the question is: what do you do? You mentioned patients - can you do home health care? My mother in law did a lot of per diem work and made really good money. She could pick and choose which type of patients she felt comfortable with (I had a friend who had a "thing" about working with certain illnesses - some were extremely depressing and she couldn't psychologically handle it), chose her own hours, etc. So when her regular job had days off, she'd go the HHA route.

    Sorry to hear about the hours - it stinks when you don't get the hours you need!

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    Employers are doing this kind of stuff to keep their own cost down. This happened to me when I tried to work for a person from my home, supposedly a 40 hour week job but they would tell me to stop working any time they wanted to re-think someething which seemed to happen weekly.

    My suggestion: get a loan modification for your mortgage. Since you aren't getting paid the same amount every pay period, you will need 3 or more pay stubs so they can take an average. They will look at the past 3 months of income so if you wait that long you will be better off because they will only see and count this new lower income.
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    Thanks for the information. I work for a dentist so I can't do home health care. I am a licensed assistant and there have been some good jobs in the paper lately BUT if you remember I am working as a receptionist due to the nerve injury to my right hand (yes dominant hand--it sucks-it happened in 2004 and I thought if I took a break it would heal but it hasn't--it may have in fact gotten weaker)